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The interactive reference manual for Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 RC14 Beta 4 is now available for download. Guidance for translations in other languages.

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New version of the complete manual for all gamemechanics of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 RC14 Beta 4 is now available. We will get into the details below.

Download MMH5.5 Reference Manual

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New version, new engine

A new version of the interactive manual is released to provide information for the bulk of changes that were packed in RC14 release cycle. The manual is now migrated to Unity engine which will diminish many of the unmaintained Ruby Shoes engine shortcomings. Some of the changes involve:
- better performance
- improved visuals
- no OS platform related issues anymore
- 3 resolutions to choose from
- extended capability that will allow new functionality features

Launch screen and visuals

At startup you will get into the launch screen which will ask for resolution details and language translation choice - currently English only.

1 resolution

On the hero pane some shading has been implemented for unchecked perks for a better contrast.

2 hero pane 1

Spell pane now has a better slider and warmer font.

3 creature pane

Spell pane with improved spell description presentation.

4 spell pane 2

Artifact pane artifact sort choice buttons are now visualized and more into the style of the manual.

5 aritfacts

Manual translations

Nearly all manual texts are auto-collected from the game data files via scripts. So if you want to see a manual in your language we suggest to go ahead and translate the mod text files. You can read more about the translation itself in the guide below.

Translation guide

The MMH5.5 Team


I would like to report a problem with the new skillwheel. When i open it and there's a youtube video playing in a background, the skillwheel lags my whole screen (to the point when even cursor won't move), then my screen gets all black except for the youtube video playing. Even if i manage to exit the skillwheel via ctrl+alt+delete my screen keeps bugging until i restart my laptop. I tried this on 2 separate browsers (chrome and edge) and same thing happens. If it's important info i'm using windows 10. Just wanted to bring this minor issue to your attention, keep up the great work and have a nice day :D

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