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Hello everyone! Its been 1 month (or a year) since we gave some updates about modification...

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Hello everyone!
Its been 1 month since we gave some updates about modification.
What happened in this period of time?

We were forced to get a break from modding due to technical and personal reasons.
Beta release was delayed,and with that the Full Release plans
As by now,Beta Version is complete and its in testing status

Release of Beta (Build 504) may be tomorrow or tonight/today!

Here is the changelog for Beta Version:

-New Gamemode: Exploration! (Explore the maps where you will have to fight!)
-New Modification Name: Project Zombie Strike 2014
-Fixed Loading Screen and Images (Now they are in better quality)
-New Sounds: ACW-R and M27 IAR (HD Sounds)
-Replaces: Replaced ACW-R with M27 IAR (ACW-R is a pickup from now)
-Loading Screen Teams: Fixed Loading Screen content (MEC and USMC teams removed)
-Texts and Lines: (Fixed Follow Me! Voice and minor edits on texts)

We removed 2nd map from modification that is known as The Castle for repairs
It may be added in add-on section as a Pre-Alpha Test map for users to report problems

Thank you for paying attention and see you next time!
Zombie Strike

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