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First gun is done, other stuff is being worked on, this 'n that.

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Which is kind of a big deal, since I'm a nazi when it comes to quality control. The Glock (9mmhandgun) model is fully completed. The model is how I want it to be, the textures are edited, sounds are matched, and the compile is fully finished. Biggest differences are the addition of a threaded barrel (well, the cap at least), a new rear sight, and edited/mixed and matched textures. Lastly, I edited the model to play nice with Half-Life's rather extreme FOV.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Another pic before the FOV fix can be found here:

After updating the Glock I went over the Colt Python. The original texture was a single 1024x1024 diffuse sheet, simply scaled down to a 512x512 one. It looks fine in-game, but I've decided to split the textures into 2x512 textures anyway, pretty much doubling the resolution.

User Posted Image

The one in the bottom is the older version, note the grip, text and logo engraving. The chrome effect stood out to me when playing Half-Life pretty much when it first came out, and I wanted to add a similar effect to the replacement I'm working on. Unfortunately, the way HLMV renders chrome isn't the exact same way Goldsrc does it, so the time I spent tweaking the chrome texture was pretty much for nothing, and restarting the entire game every time I want to try a chrome texture is too much of a pain in the ass. Luckily I somehow got something decent looking by using an edited version of the default chrome texture.

Chrome thing More chrome stuff

It will still need some editing, but it's a decent start. The effect bumps up the triangle count by quite a bit, but then again it's 2015.

To close it all off, also did some work on a new crossbow model. The default one is meh, the BMS one is pretty terrible (at least for Goldsrc), so decided to hack together my own version. It started out as the compound crossbow from Killing Floor (Tripwire Interactive is cool with content porting), but at this point only the flexing blades and wires are what's left of it.

xbow xbow

The stock and grip have been replaced with Twinke/Thanez's WA2000 furniture, along with quite a few other edits. The red dot in the pic has since been replaced with an ACOG. It is (pretty much) ready to be animated. The textures still need work.


M@DoX - - 406 comments

Nice! About time some one did this...

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DasTenryuu - - 17 comments

interesting crossbow hack.

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RykahKnight - - 146 comments

Looks really amazing dude.
Can't wait to be able to play with this stuff c:

After you're done, are you going to make Opposing Force (new weapons as well) and Blue Shift (all you'll have to do it remesh the hands) versions?

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

Damn awesome stuff you got there, love it, but have you discarded HEV with handpack design? That'll be sad.

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Hardflex Author
Hardflex - - 110 comments

It's not yet finished

Reply Good karma+2 votes
dibdob - - 1,342 comments

Amazing work there ,a reason to reinstall the game :)

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DerickFabro - - 194 comments

i never liked the Half-Life HD models, but this is fantastic!

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EXU_SKULLY - - 636 comments

now that's what i call real high-poly models

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Hardflex Author
Hardflex - - 110 comments

Theyre pretty reasonable compared to other packs out there.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
MagnumPI - - 595 comments

<3 u

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tr!gger_zc - - 48 comments

How to split textures?

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