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Status update as E4X approaches its first birthday.

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Hello all,

It's been a busy month for me, and likely will be for another week or two yet, so I haven't managed to do much modding beyond releasing E4X 1.49. However, the holiday season is a great time for modding, so I expect that to change soon. In addition to finally releasing the long waited E4X 1.5, I intend to spend some time updating the library of minimods for E4X. Besides porting all the deathmatch related ones that existed for Diplomacy, I intend to make one that prevents titans from keeping their levels when rebuilt, for those who think they're too strong or prefer long games. If you have any other ideas, let me know in the requests forum and I'll see what I can do.

Back to E4X 1.5, one way or another I intend to release that update by Christmas. It will definitely include the capitalship and titan upgrade system, and will probably include the full incorporation of Infinite Space. It may also see the first of one of the last big features I'll add to E4X, which I'll reveal in more detail in the coming weeks.

Last big features? You mean this mod is coming to an end? No, but big plans are in the making that will change the future development of this mod. I will be excited to officially announce them on the 1 year anniversary of this mod later this month.

Also, as I'm sure you're all aware, its mod of the year time again at Moddb. While I realize this isn't the type of mod most people vote for, I'm curious how well it will do, so if you feel it deserves it, please nominate and/or vote for E4X!



You've got my vote, good work on the mod!

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Got another vote for sure. I just registered in ModDB for voting. You are doing a great job with this mod! Thanks for providing immersive features to SOSE.

I´m just having a little problem, sometimes I need try to open my game 30x times beacuse it gives a visual c++ error, which I don´t understand... everything is ok in my system. This only happens when I activate the 4X-EM, know what could be that?

Regards from Brazil! Keep up with this awesome project!

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GoaFan77 Author

Hmm, well that's not the game directly crashing, which is good news for the mod. What's Rebellion's memory usage when you try to enable the mod? Also since it is probably some axillary service the game needs to run, I'd check that your direct X version, graphics card drivers etc. are all up to date.

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