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We wish you a Merry Z-Mas, we wish you a Merry Z-Mas, we wish you a Merry Z-Mas and a Happy New Year!

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2010 has been a great year for our team! With new models being put in, skins being made, abilities being coded, it started to seem like we were competing with Santa's little helpers!

However, I think we can all agree that there's been a little lack of updates recently concerning the status of the mod! So, we'd like to give you some presents this of the Army sort. Get ready to rip open some wrapping paper and take a look at what we got you!

The "Protectors of the Homeland" Tree (formerly known as the National Guard tree) is one of 3 support doctrines available to the Survivor commander. It focuses on superior firepower and training to cut down the undead horde. Let's start, shall we?

The first unlock on the left side of the tree is called "Guardsmen." By purchasing this upgrade, you are entitled to 2 squads of National Guard infantry on the battlefield at a time. The National Guard section consists of 5 men - 3 Automatic Riflemen, 1 Support gunner, and a grenadier. They are versatile in attack and defense, and can usually take care of any threat.

Motivation is critical to victory, and that's why we included the next unlock on the left - "Old Glory." This upgrade allows you to construct 1 Officer section consisting of an Officer, a Flag bearer, and a couple of honor guards. Their job is to motivate surrounding infantry, not so much combat. Thanks to the Eastern Front mod for the Flag model.

Lastly, on the left hand side, we decided that having a long range unit would be beneficial to the Survivor player. So, we gave them the Marksman Team. The Sniper and Spotter can accurately eliminate targets at an extremely long range. When locked down, the spotter switches to binoculars in order to spot targets from a further range.

Now, onto the right side! The first unlock is aimed at achieving more mobility and firepower with your units. Mechanized Infantry are fast, tough, and ready to fight. When they are in range of their Humvee, they receive defensive bonuses. You can have 2 squads of Mechanized Infantry on the field at a time.

Next on the list is for those of you who still need to get your men somewhere faster than that. FRIES, or Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System has revolutionized combat to make it more fast-paced and somewhat safer for infantry. Airborne Infantry can be deployed via the UH-60 Blackhawk when you purchase the upgrade "Rapid Insertion." Again, a limit of 2 squads are allowed on the field.

(At this time, I apologize, but we have not finished the fast-roping animation :( )

Lastly, we felt that if you got this far on the command tree, you seriously needed more firepower. After much discussion, we reintroduced the HMMWV - this time, it's loaded with an M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun, ready to tear the undead to shreds. Sorry, no nice fancy picture here.

That's the Protectors of the Homeland tree in a nutshell!

You'll also notice that we've uploaded an update to the Nazi Zombies (Halloween) minimod. Feel free to download it and enjoy, it contains some changes to improve playability, and we added a coded map to add a little excitement!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Deputy.Dan - - 403 comments

AWESOME! Merry christmas to you guys as well! And have a happy new year!

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p0w3rs - - 300 comments

u 2

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weasle - - 315 comments


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Tokizo - - 18 comments

Marines should use "crystal" eyes protector, not black.

Any character can use shotgun for close combat?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aidas2 - - 3,816 comments

These arent marines. And that's what we have for now.

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Master3377 - - 77 comments

If I remember well, Company of Heroes doesn't allow transparency, it's 0% or 100% ; Am I right ?

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Tormidal - - 185 comments

So much for responding Burton. :D

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burtondrummerNY Author
burtondrummerNY - - 2,050 comments

Correct. We could do so much more with say 30% opacity, but of course the engine doesn't allow it.

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-(TBS)-Jericho - - 355 comments

is it just me or the comparison size of the man in the hummvee looks slightly uneven (the soldier is a tad bit tiny)

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burtondrummerNY Author
burtondrummerNY - - 2,050 comments

Yeah he does seem kinda small. Although the turret shield is massive.

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