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MechWarrior: Living Legends is back with another update, featuring some quality-of-life updates and the usual round of variant and balance tweaks! Your launcher should detect the update's availability and prompt you to install it, as per usual procedures.

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After a few months of work, your devs at MechWarrior: Living Legends are back with another great update! 0.9.4 adds a number of quality-of-life improvements for both server admins and players - including kill logging and a chat mute function! This update also includes the usual pass of variant and game balance tweaks.

Your game launcher should detect and prompt you to install this update as it would normally do. For those that are new to this launcher, it will prompt you to update by changing that big green button in the middle of the window to say "Install," which you just need to click and watch as the launcher downloads and installs the necessary files.

Additionally, for anyone who has been following closely, we did not announce update 0.9.3 here, as it was fairly minor in scope - the only change it made was a complete reversion of network-related changes from update 0.9.2 to 0.9.1. This change was necessary to make playing bearable when a server is under heavy load.

Now, on to the changelog!


--- BUG FIXES ---

- Pilot splat bug (when large ASF would land perfectly level but the pilot would be squashed leaving the plane intact) has been fixed on the Rusalka, Shiva, and Xerxes.
- Air MRMs should no longer attempt to follow tags.
- Added hard damage drop off at 800m on iHgauss to prevent hits past max range.
- Fix for Air LBX healing or instantly killing targets.
- The friendly fire red cross indicator won't show up anymore in spectator mode


- Synchronized Voice and Chat mute
- You can now mute text chat from another player by accessing the Scoreboard and using the Mute Voice Chat function or by typing "/mute playername" in the chat
- Refactored logging system
- Tweaked the chat log (both client and server) for better readability
- Added server log messages for player kills
- Added server log messages for player renames (it includes also the GamespyID)
- New cvars:
- sv_allowPlayerRenaming : Default is 1. If set to 0, players won't be able to rename themselves while playing
- Note that players can still rename themselves by quitting the game and changing the profile name through the launcher
- sv_logKills : Default is 0, if set to 1, the server will log all the player kills and deaths
- Reverted server tick rate to 30hz
60hz stresses too much highly populated servers, forcing more updates than the engine was designed to handle. This has likely caused an increase in warping and jittering.

--- GAMEPLAY ---

- Normalized engine damage from back section damage on ground vehicles to 75% from 70% to match mech engine damage threshold.
- Speed penalties for fusion tank engines reduced to 20%/40% speed reduction from 30%/60% reduction. ICE engines reduced to 20%/30%.
- Clan LRM launchers on Clan combat vehicles (tanks/hovers) no longer fire forward but fire at an arc like IS lrms. Forward firing behavior makes sense for clan Mechs which use the close on taraget doctrine. It does not work for clan vehicles which were designed as fire support meant to stay at range. This allows them to fulfill that role much more efficiently.
- Decreased RAC2 heat from 1.32 to 1.1
- Increased RFL damage to CERSL level from SL level. Increased range to 500m.
- Increased IS LPL shots per burst from 2 to 3 and decreased ROF by 50%. Since IS LPLs lack the range to truly snipe, they now have more frontloaded damage to trade at midrange better.
- Slightly increased max fuel of ATMs to allow more maneuvering
- Increased LPPC impact effect so it can be seen behind the tracer for better feedback on hit.
- Increased splash and screenshake on LPPC
- Increased inner splash of Longtom shots from 60% of total splash to 80% on all variants.
- Increased radar's target detailed information gathering range from 0.8 times the radar range to the same as the radar range

--- ASSETS ---

- Chevalier -
Increased responsiveness of turret
Tightened base turn radius to allow for tighter turning at medium to low speeds.

- Oro -
Increased turret yaw speed
Decreased turret turning pentalty for damage
Moved some armor from front to turret

- Chimera -
Refactored armor and moved some armor from legs to toughen the chassis

- Uller -
Adjusted base armor build rules to clarify how much base armor the Uller was working off of
Refactored armor and moved some armor from legs to toughen the chassis
Set logical amounts of armor to the different arm configurations

- Mithras -
Adjusted suspension for slightly smoother ride
Decreased size of back armor hit box to prevent being damaged from the sides.

- Osiris -
Toned down cockpit screen brightness

- Rommel -
Halved turret yaw speed for Rommel A (Thumper)

- Atlas -
New Atlas F uses STD fusion engine from XL.

- Huit -
Improved huit traction to attempt to lessen sliding during turns.

- Anubis -
Moved some armor from side torsos to arms

- Thanatos -
Resized torso and arm geometry and hitboxes so that the thanatos is not as assault mech sized.


- Sell price increased to 65% max of asset from 50%. The hoped for economic effect of reduction to 50% was not observed.
- Increased vehicle refund amount (when a players vehicle is not claimed after purchase) to 100% from 75%
- Decreased maxmium negative score from various sources to help prevent insane negative score bugs
- Mithras base chassis price decreased by 1.5k
- Demolisher base chassis price decreased by 1.2k
- Anubis base chassis price decreased by 1k


- AC2 and 5, HVAC 2, Clan and IS UAC 5, 10 and 20 switched to burst_fire playback, only playing one sound file instead of one file multiple times for increased fidelity and resource savings
- Increased volume of laser impacts. Volume of HAG impacts lowered to have them more in line with other impacts
- Slight Chevy engine sound volume increase and made boosting on the Chevy actually audible
- Sound settings of Clan light, medium, assault reactors tweaked to make the speed governed elements more audible

--- MAPS ---

- TC Oasis: lowered the hill at the IS airbase, removed repair from forward factories


--- GAMEPLAY ---

- If you are lucky, your pulse lasers occasionally will fire an additional laser pulse. Despite being useful in some situations, this is not intended. Sorry! :)
- In the Coupled Unlocked mode, when the reticule is very close to the center of the screen, the torso will stop moving, but the reticule will keep trying to recenter.
- The Oro and Rommel cannot turn while reversing.
- Air LBX does not collide with mechlegs
- The Rear Firing Laser auto turret fires when mouse1 is pressed.


- Crashes can happen. Workarounds are available in the Troubleshooting guide.
- You might get stuck in the connecting screen. This depends on your ISP, but if that happens, a workaround is available in our Troubleshooting guide.

--- HUD ---

- Certain HUD elements might overlap other UI elements.

--- CONTROLS ---

- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide:

--- AUDIO ---

- No cycle sounds for AC2 and 5, HVAC 2, Clan and IS UAC 5, 10 and 20 (will be fixed for live version)

We hope you enjoy this update!

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