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MechWarrior: Living Legends brings you yet another massive update! This update is available for download and installation via your launcher, and brings many amazing changes and a few new assets to pilot.

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The devs behind MechWarrior: Living Legends present update 0.9.2!This update features three new assets - the Anubis, Mithras, and Rusalka - as well as countless changes and fixes across the board! Your launcher should be able to detect the update and install it for you now.


--- BUG FIXES ---

- At the first launch, the game should not give you a warning for modified files anymore. If that still happens, workaround is just to restart the game.
- TC_Oasis can be loaded at any graphic settings now.
- Laser impact particle fixed so impact sound does now play
- TAG no longer plays fire sound on target of the tagging
- Turbine sounds on ASF no longer randomly change in pitch in cockpit but are instead bound to the throttle setting
- Fixed an error in an effects call in CL_Cougar_Mech.xml
- Atlas side torsos on XL engine models now have the correct transfer rate
- Fixed missing left particle bone for standard medium jumpjets


- Gameserver admins now will be able to add maps without having to restart the gameserver by using this console command: map_dir_rescan
- Improved network performance of Thumper ammo
- Attempt to improve general network performance and reduce rubberbanding issues
- Fixed 32 bit client not starting up in some cases
- "Show all objectives" command logic reworked
- It now acts as a switch, not as a button anymore. Pressing "o" key will show / hide map objectives in the HUD
- It's disabled by default, but it's possible to load a custom setting by setting "hud_showAllOnScreenObjectives" cvar in the User.cfg file.
- Added server log message when a team runs out of tickets


- ASF based kinetic weapons (UAC10/ UAC5 and RAC5) moved from energy modifier to kinetic-air modifier.
These weapons now have a 1.2x modifier against tanks, 1.15x against hovercraft, 1.2x against ASF and VTOL, and 1.15x against Shiva and Xerxes

- 1.4x EMP damage modifier added to ASF to increase damage from PPCs

- Fusion engine based tanks now receive additional damage to internals from destroyed side or rear armor from 1.0x and 1.5x respectively to 1.2x and 1.6x. The Huit since it has a very small engine will only go to 1.1x and 1.5x.

- Hovercraft internal health increased to a factor of 645x10% tonnage from 500x10% tonnage

- Removed transfer rate modifier from the Front armor of Hovercraft into internals, it is now 1.0x from 1.6x

- ASF and Vtol hitpoints per ton of armor reduced by 5%, armor was relocated from outer parts to the body to compensate for the loss, resulting in more fragile parts.

- ASF damage effect changes:
-Engines now no longer fail completely when destroyed but go at a fraction of the speed like ground vehicles.
-All weapons and bombs attached to wings now fall off if the wing is destroyed.
-Wings and Tail loss result in degrading flight performance. If the engine is lost or both wings are lost, the aircraft does not have the lift required to take off again once it lands.
-Lost parts cannot be repaired.

- All Mech Pelvises now count as Left and Right leg hitboxes split down the middle rather than as CT. AS it makes more sense that hip actuators are being damaged rather than the core which is much further up the mech. This may increase legging as a viable tactic due to legs receiving more average splash damage than before.

--- NEW ASSETS ---

- Mithras Clan Light Tank (25t)
- Anubis Inner Sphere Light Mech (30t)
- Rusalka Inner Sphere Heavy Aerospace (65t)


- Air_LBXes: increased pellet spread and added explosive pellets for better performance against ground targets and other ASF. Increased damage against ASF and Vtols.
- Light PPC: fires faster than normal PPCs for half the raw damage allowing for higher single point DPS and suppression, but has less splash and only 450m range. 3 tons.
- Rear Firing Laser: auto defense laser mounted on the back of the xerxes and shiva giving them some self defense against fighters.

--- ASSETS ---

- All Tanks -
Brakes finally invented!
All tanks should now have properly functioning brakes.
Deploy speed threshold increased from 0.36 kph to 3.6 kph

- Anubis -
Includes Stealth armor as a unique attribute.
Detectability radius decreased to 350m when active, giving superior sneaking abilities.
However, as a draw back, the Anubis does not support coolant. (the system needs to be sealed, or some such thing)

- Mauler -
Increased turn rate
Increased acceleration
Increased backpedal speed

- Masakari -
Increased turn rate
Increased acceleration
Increased backpedal speed
Included missing free heatsink it should've been receiving based off engine size

- Bushwhacker -
Increased acceleration

- Uziel -
Increased max yaw from 120 degrees to 130

- Thor -
Standard armor increased to 10.5 tons CFF
Increased turn rate to match the Loki.

- Argus -
Increased CT hitbox to cover entire central canopy
Halved acceleration rate
Decreased turn rate to match the bushwacker
Max Yaw decreased to 100 degrees from 140 degrees

- Madcat -
Fix for external hitboxes unintentionally covering large portions of the upper torso canopy, spreading damage between torsos and externals even though the external was never hit.

- Rommel -
Increased lower pitch limit from -4 degrees to -6 degrees
Tweaked collusion mesh to help permit side armor skirts getting stuck on terrain

- Long tom Tank -
Decreased Turret Yaw limits by 10 degrees.

- Epona -
Removed side armor hitboxes from the sides of the epona cockpit canopy at the front.

- Chevalier -
Applied inertia to turret so that it cannot helicopter at extreme speeds anymore
Reworked driving model: Now has better turning at slower speeds and better gear transferring from forward to reverse but turns much slower at high speeds

- Ryoken -
Fixed missing hitboxes for the tips of lasers mounted in the side torsos, before these would eat shots.
Max Yaw decreed to 100 degrees from 110 degrees
Added cockpit Art.

- Catapult -
Decreased cockpit hitbox size

- Osiris -
Added cockpit Art.

- Xerxes -
Updated material to improve art quality.
Added cockpit Art.
Possible help for pilot splat bug on landing?

- Avar -
Updated material to improve art quality.

--- WEAPONS ---

- Bisect of previous air_MRM nerf to bring it to 15% reduction in blast radius rather than 30%
- Increased speed of LBX pellets from 1800 to 2600
- Removed Light kinetic modifier from UAC5
- Increased tracking speed of CLRM but increased cloud spread
- Increased Tbolt-20 ammo per clip from 4 to 5
- Decreased spread on HAGs slightly, smaller HAGs have tighter spread
- HVAC10 splash increased to be greater than AC10 but still less than AC20
- Slight increase to AC/10 and HVAC/10 splash damage.
- Increased HVAC10 ROF from 20 to 22.5 (from 3 seconds to 2.66 seconds)
- Long tom shells moved to the same splash model as other weapons. They now to 2/3 of their damage near the impact point and 1/3 additional damage in the nearmiss area. Also decreased damage by 5%.
- Decreased and normalized all NARC lifetimes to 25 seconds from 30/38 seconds for (c)narc/inarc respectively
- Increased ROF on AC/5 from 11.45 to 13 (from 5.2 seconds to 4.6 seconds)
- Restored prenerf AIR_SSRM ROF back to 350.
- Heavy laser damage and heat decreased by 6%. They were "overjuiced" causing both too much damage and too much heat when compared to their CBT equivalents. Also decreased Heavy Large Laser heat by a further 6% due the current model's heat being greater than the CBT equivalent.
- Thumper Artillery Speed increased from 550 to 700


- Tbolt-20s are not considered 12 tons from 13 tons
- The Thor now has fixed iJJs at the weight and cost of JJs.
- Ground based UAC2s now count as one ton less. Clan UAC2 to 4 tons from 5 / UAC2 from 6 tons to 5


- The Novacat, Warhammer, Oro, and Rommel are now available to buy at forward bases.
- Since the Warhammer can now build forward, increased the Fusion engine on the Prime by 6k in order to prevent early spam
- Increased Argus base chassis cost by 3k
- Reduced Shiva base chassis cost by 1k
- Increased Oro base chassis price by 5k

- Ticket Values for some assets tweaked :
{ Stormcrow 10->11 } { Loki 10->9 }
{ Epona 7->6 } { Regulator 7->6 }
{ Anubis 3 } { Rusalka 8 }
{ Mithras 2 }

- Inflated C-bill modifiers tier system again from 8 to 16 at 5% +/- modifier to cbills earned from 10% to allow for even more nuance
The tiers are now as follows:
{ IS_Harasser=1, CL_Hephaestus=4, IS_Chevalier=4, CL_Mithras=4, CL_D IS_Hawkmoth=4, IS_SparrowHawk=3, ALL_Apc=1,
IS_Osiris_Mech=1, CL_Puma_Mech=6, CL_Cougar_Mech=6, IS_Raven_Mech=4, IS_Owens_Mech=6, IS_Anubis_Mech=5, CL_Uller_Mech=4, CL_Solitaire_Mech=5, CL_Avar=3,

CL Stormcrow_Mech=10, CL_Blacklanner_Mech=9, IS_Bushwacker_Mech=7, IS_Chimera_Mech=5, IS_HollanderII_Mech=5,
CL_Shadowcat_Mech=7, IS_Uziel_Mech=6, CL_Ep IS_Regulator=6, IS_Partisan=5, IS_Corsair=7, CL_Sulla=7, CL_Ares=5,

CL Madcat_Mech=14, CL_Cauldr CL Novacat_Mech=11, CL_Thor_Mech=11, CL_Loki_Mech=10, CL_Vulture_Mech=11, IS_Warhammer_Mech=10,
IS_Rifleman_Mech=8, IS_Rommel=9, IS_Catapult_Mech=9, IS_Thanatos_Mech=12, IS_Argus_Mech=11, IS_Avatar_Mech=11, IS_Demolisher=11,
IS_L CL_Oro=9, CL_Huitzilopochtli=12, CL_Visigoth=9,

IS_Fafnir_Mech=16, CL_Daishi_Mech=16, IS_Awesome_Mech=13, IS_Atlas_Mech=15, IS_Mauler_Mech=11,
CL_MKII_Mech=15, CL_Bloodasp_Mech=16, CL_Masakari_Mech=14, CL_Morrigu=15, IS_Shiva=13, CL_Xerxes=15

- Ticket bleed from base caps in TC now reduced for the first ~10 minutes of the game, starting at 10% bleed strength in the first minute increasing gradually up to 100% at 10 minutes.(this is to help prevent large ticket leads from accumulating from relatively small skirmishes early on)

--- HUD ---

- Rework of the Mech and Tank radar scopes. Hexagon-styled noise removed and increased size a bit
- Increased opacity for Mech and ASF radar scopes
- The Landing gear indicator of the Aero HUD now will distinguish between 3 states of the landing gear: deploying, deployed, retracting


- Added engine and reactor sound for new Clan tank Mithras
- Added engine and reactor sound for new IS mech Anubis
- Added engine and reactor sound for new IS ASF Rusalka
- Added fire sound for new weapon LPPC
- Complete rework of ASF engine sounds in first and third person
- Added special cockpit sounds for ASF engines which are filtered to sound like they are coming from behind the cockpit. Works best with headphones.
- Spin down sound from Air Gauss removed
- Change to close explosion sounds dropping high frequency sounds sooner
- Added new start up sounds and shutdown sounds and run sounds for Clan Mechs, small alteration to now IS shutdown sound
- Added unique turbine sound for Hawkmoth and Donar VTOL


- Added new effect for LPPC weapon
- Added new effect for destroyed wings on ASFs
- Added new effect for damaged ASF engines
- Added new effect for destroyed ASF engines
- Changed mech arm destroyed effect: Fire now burns for a limited time and gets bent by travel speed, electric arcs shrunk down since they were larger than they had any right to be, spark shower adjusted unfortunately has only a very small draw distance

--- MAPS ---

- TC Oasis: fixed the failed reconfigureobject_1 bug, which caused disconnects when loading the map, so it should be playable on every graphic setting; put back the original loading screen; rearm removed from the 1x bases; adjusted the position of the repbays in the 1x bases; repair ability removed from forward factories; fixed rock collision issues and mechtraps
- TC Inferno: fixed mechtrap; forbidden area timer increased
- TC Mirage: center base icon fixed, does not show mechfactory anymore; adjusted the position of the repair bays to prevent stuck
- TC ThunderRift: attempt to prevent fall through the floor in the main bases in case of desync; attempt to fix the VTOL pad #2 on Clan side, it should not cause damage to VTOLS anymore; mechtrap fixes; attempt to increase performance near the center area
- TC IvoryTower: forbidden area timer increased
- TC Altay: fixed the icon of the VTOL base
- TC Enkeladus: improved base layout; added ams to main bases; adjusted terrain near G4 base to prevent stuck in case of desynch; fixed C8 bug on the crashed dropship
- TC Bogs: LT available; changed the layout and increased the sizes of the capzones significantly
- TC Forsaken: LT available
- TC Marshes: changed base layout, northern bases are closer to center; adjusted base weights; removed repair from NW and NE cappoints; center now has 1 rep bay only instead of 2
- TC Frostbite: changed base layout, the 3 western bases are now closer to center; adjusted base weights

--- MISC ---

- Fixed a shader bug that would occur when a specific console command is used before buying certain assets
- Updated green and blue solid paints


--- GAMEPLAY ---

- If you are lucky, your pulse lasers occasionally will fire an additional laser pulse. Despite being useful in some situations, this is not intended. Sorry! :)
- If you are unlucky, instead, when you're landing in an ASF, sometimes the pilot will die, leaving the asset intact. This, unlike the (now fixed) Runway Fireball Syndrome, though, happens very rarely, so you must be really unlucky for this to happen.
- In the Coupled Unlocked mode, when the reticule is very close to the center of the screen, the torso will stop moving, but the reticule will keep trying to recenter.
- The Oro and Rommel cannot turn while reversing.
- The Rear Firing Laser auto turret fires when mouse1 is pressed.


- Crashes can happen. Workarounds are available in the Troubleshooting guide.
- You might get stuck in the connecting screen. This depends on your ISP, but if that happens, a workaround is available in our Troubleshooting guide.

--- HUD ---

- Certain HUD elements might overlap other UI elements.

--- CONTROLS ---

- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide:

We hope you all enjoy this update! Please leave feedback at our discord server (, or any of our other media like reddit ( or our new forums (!

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