Herein I'll break down the various gameplay mechanics in development for Cvltivation

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The Self-configuring organism (SCO) has two basic states: roaming and rooted.

While roaming, the SCO is more vulnerable, and the gameplay takes on a distinctly stealthy aspect as a result. They can evade and maneuver along walls and ceilings, as well as lunge at foes in order to devour or hijack their bodies.

While rooted, the SCO exhibits its namesake properties, deploying tendril-like appendages which then sprout into various limbs and organs which lend various capabilities and facilitate a number of interactions with the environment and other lifeforms. It is also planned that the limbs will be able to interact with each-other, creating a variety of emergent capabilities on top of their basic functions.

Resource Management

Naturally, the organism cannot expand and develop if it does not have the nutrients to do so. Luckily, the Technocult's work involves a high volume of organic material moving throughout the facility, not to mention the cultists themselves, and as such the SCO should have no shortage of nourishment. It is currently planned that there will be four nutrients and a hunger bar, which will create a sense of urgency and offer rewards for risking one's well-being.

The Tecnocult

The Technocult's behavior is intended to be somewhat like that of a host-organism to a parasite. For the most part, the AI will carry on its way, each entity seeking to fulfill its purpose within the cult. As the SCO's disruptive influence on the default behaviors of the cult increases, so too will the ardor with which they seek its termination. Fear, group dynamics, and imperfect information are intended to be major factors on the AI's decision making.

It will become quickly apparent to the player that the cult has an obsession with the intersection of the organic and the mechanical, and even the structure of the citadel has been imbued with living elements with which the SCO may interact.

Genre Fluidity

A major motivation, and indeed a founding principle of this project is to transcend the bounds of genre. Stealth, survival, action, puzzle, simulation, rts, and rpg elements have all been synthesized in various proportions to produce this experience, and I look forward to inviting players in to explore this world as soon as possible.

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