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Here is a preview of the next version of Calradia's Borderlands : 7 new minor factions (so a total of 18 factions, plus the Dark Knights) , a bigger map and full sea travel. Coming soon :)

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Hello everyone,

It's time to show the upcoming new version of the mod, which may be the last made by myself. I will soon become a dad IRL and won't have much time to enhance the mod consequently (but I will be able to make some support and patches if needed).

The first version of the mod is already downloadable, and adds 5 new factions to the base game (all the needed descriptions are on the other articles).

You can also watch the ReformistTM's video on youtube, who has tested and introduced the mod : ----- By the way, thank you, ReformistTM ! :)

Here are the new features for the upcoming V.2 :

Of course, a bigger map !


Sea Travel

The ports have been erased (too much crashes ingame), and the sea travel will now be like in the mod Gekokujo : you just have to point where you want to go and your character on the worldmap will switch from the footman to the boat according to where you are. (and of course, it's also the case for all the parties on the map). You will have of course special battle scenes when you are on the water (boats scenes).

You can see on the screenshot the "Sea roads" that you can navigate, multiplying the possibilities of travel and battles.

5 new cultures in 7 minor factions :

City-State of Su'undi : Ethiopian inspired culture with elite light cavalry

City-State of Wunden : Gaelic inspired with elite Longbowmen, the best archers

City-State of Blackstone : Pirates / Italian inspired with elite Spadassins, who are elite gunmens

2 Rival Orders of Knights (White Knights and the Golden Crusaders) : they share the same culture (Knights) and are claiming the area of the city-state of Cartalma. They have the Paladins who are the best knights in game (even better than Swadians)

2 Rival Ninja Clans (Suju / Hisu) : same culture (Ninja) and are claiming the city-state of Shaoxin. They have the Shinobis who are the quickest infantry.

The 5 new cultures each have an elite troop, far better than the existing one, but they are very weak in other fields (example of the Paladins who will have the best heavy knights with only weak crossbowmen)

capture trooptreepaladin

capture trooptreeninja

Each City State area consists of an unique City, 3 castles and some villages. They have 8 lords, all married and they have also daugthers ready to marry the future emperor or some random tournament winner.

The Paladin Orders and Ninja Clans are a bit different : they are disputing an area of the same size, but their factions are smaller : 5 lords for each Paladin Order, 3 for the Ninja Clans.

Lords and Kings of the minor factions are stronger (more renown and levels) in order to balance their small number.

At the beginning of the game, the rival factions (Paladins/Ninjas) will be immediatly at war each other and you have a high probability that they will never be at peace before the destruction of their enemy.

The 3 neutral City States should not be at war at all at the beginning (but sometimes, they start already at war with Swadia for... some reason?), but they can quickly try to conquer more lands. In my test game, Wunden took almost the half of Braetynia, and Blackstone took some lands to the Rhodoks.

minor faction at a glance

Other features

New pictures for each of the new cultures and also the ones from V1. These pictures are AI Generated (i'm not a graphist, but if you want to put your pictures ingame, it's easy since I have configured the technical backbone)

New scenes for most of the new factions (including V1).

No more "Notification spam" from the V1 : most of the notifications will be simple messages and you will get a major notification only for war declaration, peace treaty signature and alliancies (no more for non answered provocations, commercial agreement, non-aggression pact, end of truce => they will be only messages on the left side of the screen)

Extended Horizons (by Openshaw) included

Not answering to a provocation will not reduce the relationship with a king : I had to do this only to balance the insane increasing of provocations ingame already seen in V1. I think it's a bug, but i did not find to to correct it.

Dark Knight Invasion : You will now have the choice for setting up the invasion : 100th day of game, 250th, 500th, random (between 0 and 600), immediatly or never. The Dark Knight will be also automatically at war with the other Knights Orders.

New Claimants : the 5 kingdoms of the V1 and one of the City State will have claimant, so you will get a total of 12 claimants ingame, half male / half female.


Less fiefs for Sudestria, Phoessanids and Jumne, which had far too much before

Jumne horses are not the quickest anymore : they are on the contrary the slowest horses, and the heaviest ones (better armor and HP, but still far from the Elephants of course).

Su'undi will get the fastest horses, called "Ashaï"

The Mentors (1.05) will be in the City-States.


- This new version is NOT save-compatible with the previous one

- The high number of parties and the size of the map make the game more resource-demanding for your computer

- I encountered a bug with the outpost, which is close to the one encountered with the bandit camps (they will be still deactivated due to a bug encountered still the V1) : the outpost icon will be a random banner and not the outpost itself, but it should work properly.

- Yes I know all of it is not cannon, not really even lore-friendly and historically not consistent. The main purpose of this mod is to expand existing Calradia, give more diversity to the units and most of all, have fun :)

Work in progress released !

PS : Et bien sûr, le mod est aussi entièrement en français !

Vhermithrax - - 6 comments

Nice changes!
You're doing a great work, can't wait to try it out :)

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DouwFR Author
DouwFR - - 118 comments

Thanks :) The V2 looks promising for now but is not finished yet, I have still some stuffs to correct.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 698,735 comments

Don't forget to add the upper spear thrust for the spears so they wont suck

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DouwFR Author
DouwFR - - 118 comments

Hello, why not but I did not find source code for it. If you have a link where I can reuse the code (and ideally, tested) I will try to include it.

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Sidekick1982 - - 6 comments

Wow, your planned improvements sound really great. It will really add depth to a mod that already supports a lot of different styles and preferences.

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DouwFR Author
DouwFR - - 118 comments

Thank you :) I have chosen Tocan's Calradia as a base precisely for it, in order to have an almost complete experience (and also the Dark Knight Invasion, which is for my point of view the best way to make the late-game more interesting).

The City-States should also contribute to rebalance the powerful 5 new big factions : they are a constant threat for them, and can clearly make a difference if they go to war. (but it's of course a bit random, like a lot of things in the game)

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tocan - - 10 comments

jo Douw, may worth checking the outpost thread on the TW Forum, i made a fix some years ago. Anyway, looking forward to your new version :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DouwFR Author
DouwFR - - 118 comments

Thank you very much ! Ok I'll check the topic on the forum.

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Guest - - 698,735 comments

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