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Due to the war, I have to temporarily stop modding.

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Hi guys!
I know that the release of the update has been very long.I had to quit modding temporarily because my country is at war. In addition, my house is destroyed, so now I just drive around anywhere, moving from one overnight stay to another. There is not as much content here as in the last update, but still, I can show you something:

  • 4 new weapons (1 for Daniel and 3 for Belial)
  • New monsters
  • Smooth move turn for monsters (harp turns of 45 degrees are already tired)
  • New sounds
  • A slightly changed menu

Guest hostile mobs have also been added to the mod. For example, one of them is Ram from Dead Island. I spent a week and a half to pull his model from the game, add a skeleton to him and transfer animations from Left 4 Dead 2

Screenshot Doom 20220526 190602

Also, when using the Soul-Reaper combo disc, friendly monsters are now displayed in green, 
so that they are no longer confused with enemy ones.

Screenshot Doom 20220720 071317

in fact, you can read the full list of changes here in the file description:
Download Mutilator 1.7
Also, sometimes I upload test updates to the cloud, which are published earlier than on Moddb:
GoogleDrive link
MediaFire Link

Maybe this is my last post. Because rockets come here every day and it is not known whether I will survive or not. And it's really tired. It's not even funny.
In fact, I'm not going to ask you for anything, or complain about my life. Because I'm not a f#cking pussy!
I just wanted to tell you where I've gone. And if I stop communicating, at least you'll know why.
And guys, thanks for playing and playing my mod. You always make me happy when you write nice comments about how you really like my mod. It really brought me a hell of a lot of happiness. If I survive the war, then I will make the next update much better than this!!! And yes, I wouldn't be able to do it without you. I never considered my players as fans. For me, you are friends. After all, you write me sincerely good messages in direct, or comments. You guys are the real heroes.

SweetRamona - - 5,114 comments

I'm sorry to hear about the horrors you've been going through, I pray that you and other modders and game developers stranded in Ukraine do make it out safely despite how grim and hopeless it must all be 😿


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Kill.Murphy Author
Kill.Murphy - - 55 comments

Thanks for the support. For some reason, I initially did not want to publish all this, but a month ago, a rocket destroyed the shopping center where my friends were. After that, I thought that if I suddenly died as well, then no one would understand where I had gone. Therefore, I decided to at least tell you what happened to me for the last six months. It is unlikely that I will be able to live as before, but I still hope that I have a chance to find freedom and a happy life. I remember it like it was yesterday: in December 2021, my friend and I planned to go to Brazil in the summer (in other words, we should have been there now, if not for the war) and take a break from all this routine. There are such hot girls ... Now, unless I can go there alone. Perhaps the only thing that makes me happy is that my cat is still with me.

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Shockwave528 - - 159 comments

You're lucky that you survived during the war. God bless you and other modders from Ukraine. I really love to play one of your mods. I just hope that the war will stop so everything will be back to normal again. Also, be careful and don't give up.

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jokerrider - - 295 comments

I hope that these aren't the signs of the "end times" but I'm sure that sensible people can wait for this until you've re-established your life. Your well-being matters first and foremost. People like me are still praying for people like you who suffered in this war, the end of the conflict and this pandemic.

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