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Welcome to our latest Rite of Life game development update. This time, we'll be diving into some of the characters that will populate your home as it continues to develop.

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Welcome to our latest Rite of Life game development update. This time we’ll be diving into some of the characters that will populate your home as it continues to develop.

Just a quick heads up, if you want to know absolutely nothing about the characters in the game prior to playing, you might want to avoid this update. We’re only going to introduce a handful of new characters this time, not the whole cast. However, we are going to reveal more characters with further updates. We will always let you know ahead of you reading though!


All the characters in the game will appear in your journal with more information on them updated as you get to know them better. Additional information can be unlocked by chatting with them on a regularly basis, completing quests or just spending time with them. The biographies of the characters that appear in your journal will always be written from the perspective of your character.

Some New Character Sprites

Victor Frank – Alchemist

Victor Frank Sprite


Victor Frank is a scientist who specialises in alchemy. Victor is quite a bizarre fellow who is always seen tinkering with another one of his latest inventions. Victor often gets new ideas from old texts that he has found on his travels and spends much of his time attempting to locate rare materials that he can use in his work.

Alchemist House

Example Dialogue

Morning: “When I was growing up, my father told me stories about a man who could teach the creatures of the forest to talk.”

“I would very much like to inspect such a creature…”

Daytime: “I have heard whispers from my coffee.”

“They say that there is a dark secret within the forest.”

“A secret that may unlock the power to control the weather.”

Evening: “Too many experiments…”

“…too little time.”

“I found an old text by a scientist called H.G.Wells.”

“He discovered how to create a ‘Time Machine’.”

Additional Dialogue:

“Yesterday I tested a coating that was meant to stop water from sticking to my clothes.”

“I must have made a mistake because it made my clothes sweat.”

“I uncovered an ancient film the other day.”

“It featured a scientist who had created an advanced screwdriver device.”

“If I had one of those, I could unlock anything.”

Magna Virum – Carnival Host

Magna Virum Sprite WIP


Magna Virum has been the host of the travelling carnival for as long as anybody can remember. Magna Virum is a rather large and energetic individual with a true penchant for showmanship. Beryl Taylor claims that Magna Virum was not always such a powerful orator and believes that he discovered some sort of magical device, whilst lost in the forest, that grants him a heightened sense of vocal projection.

Example Dialogue

Intro: “Ladies and Gentlemen!”

“Boys and Girls!”

“It is I!”

“The Great Magna Virum!”



“Too kind…too kind.”

“Behold the coolest...”


“…most capital carnival in existence!”


“Try your hands at our plethora of exciting…”


“…electrifying events!”

“Test your talents and trade your inner traits for tantalizingly tempting tickets!”


“Trade these hard-earned tickets in for some of our perfectly prestigious prizes.”


“We are only here for a limited time!”

“So ready yourselves!”


“For the carnival…”

“…is now…”


Bow – Hunter

Bow Sprite


Bow was brought up in a remote shack in the centre of the forest. As a child she learnt how to respect the environment around her and to only use what was necessary to survive. Bow now acts as the last resort for the town when stocks and supplies run low; it’s her job to gather the necessary materials, in order for the town to be sustainable, whilst ensuring that there is a minimal effect to the ecosystem.

Example Dialogue

“I was reading about wildlife the other day.”

“The book spoke about frogs being introduced into the wildlife from a faraway land.”

“They were used to control a large beetle population that were destroying crops.”

“We might need to do that someday.”

Petunia Traynor – Pet Shop Owner

Petunia Traynor Sprite


Petunia Traynor is responsible for the care and training of pets in our town. Petunia devotes most of her time to caring for all of the homeless animals that she finds out in the forest. In order to help reduce Petunia’s workload, a number of the people from the village decided to adopt some of the pets; which has resulted in a number of racing tournaments being set up.

Example Dialogue


“Some people like to say that my job isn’t hard…”

“IT IS!”

“I have to make sure that the animals don’t eat anybody’s wares.”

“When the town grows, that job just gets harder and harder.”

Quasi – Carnival Token Shop


Quasi is a simple but lovable member of the traveling carnival who acts as the ticket vendor. Quasi loves telling people facts about the items that they buy from him. Rumour has it that carnival owner, Magna Virum, found Quasi stranded in the middle of a lake whilst traveling from town to town. Magna rescued Quasi from his predicament and then adopted him into the carnival.

Graham Marr – Teacher


Graham Marr is a teacher for the children in the village. Graham’s primary goal is to ready the children for life outside of the school so that they can contribute to the growth of the village. Grahams favourite subject is English, and he takes it very seriously; he is often seen getting red faced with anger due to someone not conforming to the rules of grammar.

Example Dialogue

“Today Benji told me that he “could care less” about the weather.”

“He clearly meant that he couldn’t care less…”

“Forget the kids. I should be teaching everyone in this village.”

Richard – Child/Student


Richard joined our settlement along with Harry, Julia and Rose. Richard is an intelligent child who greatly adores the environment and often isolates himself in the outskirts of the village in order to be closer to the creatures of the forest. Despite being good friends with the other children, he is always the one who has the blame shifted onto him when the other kids play pranks. Richard is always the person the other kids look to when they have a problem that’s too big for them to solve. When Richard grows up, he wants to be a lepidopterist.

Example Dialogue

“There’s a species of butterfly that lays its eggs under the skin of some animals.”

“When they hatch, the caterpillars eat their way out.”


Harry – Child/Student


Harry joined our settlement along with Richard, Julia and Rose. Harry is both the youngest and the shortest of the children in the village; he is often seen crawling around in the forest and as such is constantly filthy. When he grows up, he wants to be a treasure hunter.

Example Dialogue

“I like days when we don’t have to go to school.”

“We go on special adventures in the forest.”

“No adults allowed!”

Julia- Child/Student


Julia joined our town along with Richard, Rose and Harry. Julia is the oldest of the children and is seen as their leader. She considers one of her prime duties to be organising pranks for Harry and Rose to participate in. When Julia grows up she wants to be a detective.

Example Dialogue

“Harry and Rose look to me for leadership.”

“It gets tough sometimes, but I make it fun by playing around with Mr Marr.”

“Richard always gets the blame for our pranks, but I know that he doesn’t mind.”

“It’s just a bit of fun to keep Harry and Rose occupied.”

Rose – Child/Student


Rose joined our town along with Richard, Julia and Harry. Rose spends most of her time following Julia around - pranking Mr Marrs. Rose is the second youngest child and often uses her age to lord over Harry. When Rose grows up, she wants to be Julia.

Example Dialogue

“Mr Marrs is always sooo mean.”

“He keeps talking about people not speaking properly.”

“They sound fine to me.”

Next Update

That’s it for this update. We are currently focussing on characters from a writing and design point of view. Our next update will be next month and reveal a whole host of new characters. We look forward to showing them to you. Thanks for your support, please keep an eye on our social media channels and don’t forget to join our Discord if you haven’t already! Come chat with us, give us feedback on the game. We look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time,

Rebourne Team

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