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May saw some interesting developments for Slipstream. We started re-skinning the user interface, including a new in-game taskbar....[Cont.]

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May saw some interesting developments for Slipstream. We started re-skinning the user interface, including a new in-game taskbar. This time, I decided to go with a dark red and grey theme. Don't worry, It's looking better and better! A lot of code was stripped out, and replaced with more trusted code, that does not conflict during decompiles. Originally, we would decompile code out of Homeworld2's stock with LuaDC, I then switched to CFLuaDC thinking it would decompile cleaner. It actually had the opposite effect. A lot of code was incompatible with certain systems. This is now being fixed. We had a plan to release TpoF v2.4b, but testing revealed that there was a few bugs that needed adjusted. However, the code base was already being updated with a new GUI. So, instead of going back into 2.4b and adjusting things, we just built back onto the main code base. So, we released the new TpoF v2.4c instead of giving you the internal Tpof2.4b. It is fully playable, and the prototype campaign is playable. But, It is very buggy, and you should not expect a whole lot out of this build. But, I hope you have fun playing it! If you have any problems, report them here in our forum ( . Registration is free, and is available to everyone.

Our website has also undergone several expansions in the past month as well. We have added new articles, and new downloads. Notably enough, we have added a tutorial on how to make a eye-candy compatible Mac OS X loading system for TpoF. Originally, It was written by our resident Mac man, Nick, but he has since disappeared. I myself am getting a fully loaded MacBook to work with, so maybe we can get some Mac compatible software going here. Our forums are being expanded, you can go there and basically do what you do in other forums, discuss things! For instance, we have sections that involve gaming, artwork & multimedia, hardware & software, and our own fan fiction and roleplaying section. If you're looking for new ground to role-play in, or just looking for a fresh community to start up, our doors are always open. Even if is not Slipstream, we are looking to expand our horizon. You can also track the development of Tpof with our “Development Bar” that is located on the top of every page. Just look up to see what a project is built up to!

In other news, I am working on a Homeworld2 development kit that is easy to use, and will be able to crack out some quality material. It will be a collection of fine tools I have collected over the years, neatly packed and ready to work out of the box. There will only be the tools you need, and there will be a manual to help you out. I was even able to include a copy of homeworld2 scripting reference. That will be coming very soon once I get a manual written.

In closing, I would like to announce that TpoF will probably be feature complete around the 2.6 build, and should be completely done at version 3.0. We're looking to expand into another mod that is not as story-driven, but more gameplay-driven. It will be a pit-stop to our secret Slipstream: Uprising project, which will not involve the Homeworld2 engine, but will come as a surprise if we can pull it off. But first, we must get a couple of our priorities straightened up, and our goals set. Stay tuned for more updated here, and at SRI's homepage. Thank you for reading!


Excellent! I'll have my notes for you about this latest release in shortly. If you're still interested in them :P

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SpaceCowboy730 Author

Of course.

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Nice. Soon as I get Homeworld 2 re-installed I'll give it a spin.

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