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Titan class is now available! Grab a new starter spaceship, add some pylons and build a resilient destroyer of the Machines!

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The wait is over!
Titan class is now available!

Class power distribution

Offense: 1
Defense: 3
Complexity: 2

Class description

Titan class spaceships are resilient destroyers of the Machine minions.
They aren't very good damage dealers, but their defensive abilities allow them to outlast even the deadliest of the Machine minions.
Titan class offensive abilities deal damage based on pylons.
It's quite complex class, with unique ability effects and disadvantages.
Some of the class abilities are compatible with other class spaceships.

Class abilities

Other changes

  • Rebalanced Lethal Weapons and Aberrant Armour difficulty modifiers.
  • Manifestations of Destruction modifier now can be increased to level 2.
  • Manifestations of Destruction level 2 makes minions always spawn in groups of 3.
  • Difficulty modifier levels are now saved between different missions and play sessions.
  • Fixed message glitch.
  • Added Almadi diodes.
  • Almadi diodes increase the grade of parts.
  • Now difficulty level increases a chance to get Almadi diode drop from minions.
  • Amplifiers, cathodes, anodes and diodes now have consistent levels and sell/buy costs.
  • Sustained Barrage ability now requires at least 5 ether to activate.
  • Shards Of Chaos ability projectiles now destroy enemy armour pieces.
  • Carrier class mines no longer bounce off shields.
  • Reworked Piercing Lasers ability.
  • Armoured colony seeker will no longer hit player spaceship when appearing.
  • Added Channel ability for carrier class.
  • Added new part sprites.

Your feedback is crucial

Some of the new abilities probably need to be improved, but to make improvements, I need feedback!
So if something doesn't feel right, please tell me and I will take care of it.

Have fun!

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