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Below is gameplay of Marked of Kane with most of the new changes so far, its quite a long video but there's a lot to have to break down; so I tried to include as much as I could in one stretch. One can see how the AI now turtles to a much greater degree and values defences more over vanilla KW AI, creating a much more difficult opponent to beat.

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Marked of Kane Gameplay Footage

Version 1.22 of the mod will be uploaded soon! As I work on the mod almost every day there will be updates put forward when I consider them big enough to be released, as I tend to work on a little and often basis.

I've blasted my Google Drive with how often I update the mod for my friends to play, so hopefully it should be easier to maintain here too.

I'm not the greatest modeller and I work with what I can, but I hope to make something that's fun and expansive for people to play. :D

Also, as a side note; when I'm finished with the mod I plan on releasing it open source with all source code accessible, so as to help other Kane's Wrath modders... though since this is still a pet project of mine that may be a while. There's such a small amount of reference code as it is that its really quite difficult to get a Kane's Wrath mod off the ground.

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