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We've got a brief status update for you all, and a couple of preview images for Dragon Sector's fifth map!

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Hello again, everyone!

@BarefootMapMaker here. I've been working on Map 05 since I got on vacation a few days ago, and I've made a good bit of progress. I can't say when exactly it's going to release, but can tell you it is well underway.

The map is going to be called Nuclear Station as an homage to the original Doom's Nuclear Plant level. That map was always one of my favorites, and I felt I wanted to put my own spin on it. Originally, I'd planned to do something based on a waste or sewage type of facility, and maybe I'll go back to that eventually, but this E1M2 just kept coming back to mind, and I knew that's what it had to be based on.


Much like Map 04 took inspiration from The Focus, Map 05 will be incorporating elements that were key to how it looked and played. Though, in this case, I'm expanding on the concept, since the original map wasn't very big, and I want there to be a good deal to sink your teeth into here, with this map.

The Nuclear Station will also be a bit different to what you've seen in Dragon Sector up to this point. I'm going for a combat-from-cover type of feel for this one, which should be a fun change of pace coming off of the mainly corridor confined Map 04.

There will be open indoor areas with cover, outdoor areas, and of course corridors and rooms to fight your way through. There will probably also be a few surprises for you to discover, too. :-)


@DarynS is working on learning more of Zscript, and he's hoping to make some more cool stuff happen.

That's going to do it for now. I hope that these two screens wet your appetite, and that you're looking forward to Map 05. I think it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, the current downloads are below!

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