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You read that right! Let's talk about all the animal types that can be found on Lousã!

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Good day to you all!

Who doesn't like animals? Everyone loves animals! At least, one type of them. Birds, dogs, cats, tarantulas... There are numerous types to like. And so, let's talk about all the cute beings that you can find in Lousã!

Don't like animals? Well, I'm sorry, but we're going to do this right now!

Weekly Reminder

As always, I hope that you have already played Lousã's demo, if not, it's go time!


Quack, Quack. Quack, Quack, Quack. Got it? Great!

Ducks are the greatest, they are cute, they're gorgeous, and still, you shouldn't mess with them, because they might bite your finger off.



Known for their amazing colours, and the way that flies that amaze children all around the world, butterflies are a majestic part of nature, that the team wanted to add to the game to give players something that they could look at for a long time, and be amazed by the simplicity and beauty of what they were looking at.



The step mark of real nature's presence, the little fellows that transverse the skies, sing to anyone that goes by their way, and hope that you have some extra bread with you when you go to the wilderness, birds.

These little fellas can be seen around the game, and let me tell you, that they make their presence known! For example, this yellow buddy. He's just minding his own life on the wooden platform, and you go by and scare him! His response? To fly by your screen to assert dominance!

Bird 1

Lastly, the blue birds group. Eheh, I couldn't stop myself. From playing Lousã, it's known that they are interacting with each other. But something that I bet is that you never saw them from this angle before.

Bird B 1 Bird B 2


A big part of nature is the wildlife that lives in it, and this week we looked at various animals that are present in our game.

As always, hope you're having fun exploring the landscape while playing Lousã!

See you next week, partner!

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