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New contend for Vic2 mod Longer Black Death V1.2. Colonisation of Aborigina (Australia).

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In longer Black Death mod Great Britian never formed and England become just regional power and rest of Europe had masive Black plague epidemic so no one colonised Aborigina (Australia).

Ievent 1

In 1840 after researching State and Governance First Great power can take this decision to get one freee province in Aborigina.

event 3

Shortly after Aborigina will get event about arriving of Europeans and land what europeans occupy.

After that Great powers can cliam parts of Aborigina with decisions

event 2

event 4

After either Great powers partitioning Aborigina or its westernization decision about colonising inland Aborigina can be taken.

event 5

France after colonising Aborigina.

event 6

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