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I am planning to add support for Shoc Enhanced to Linux.

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I have been running Linux Mint Lately and have been enjoying seeing how good Stalker SoC performs with Proton on steam. After seeing that the original base game performs better in every possible way I have decided to try bring Stalker Shoc Enhanced to Linux.

With the target of getting Linux support I hope to do 1 of 2 options. The first option is to use run the mod with the original 32bit engine through Proton. There will be upsides and downsides to this. The upsides are no stuttering when quicksaving, no random large stutters including the massive one at Bar and overall better frame pacing and performance. The downsides are that it wouldn't use the OGSR Engine and would have less graphics options. The second option I have for releasing Shoc Enhanced on Linux is with wine. Using wine the mod should be exactly the same as windows with slightly less performance. I am considering doing both.

If I choose to do both it will guarantee better support across more launchers. Steam users could have the choice of using Proton or wine. However if you choose to use wine on Steam you'll have to download the windows clinet through wine. For other users who use Lutris games for other launchers you have Wine and DXVK.

This might take some time since it will require a lot of testing with DXVK, Proton and Wine to ensure an as equal experience as possible between Windows, Linux and the different ways of running the mod.

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