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The ambitious Hexen remake boldly goes where no mod has gone before, while launching the new 6-level demo into the stratosphere of classic fantasy action.

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Friends, Fans and other adventurers of the Hexen universe,

About two years ago, i have explicitly stated, that Legend-9 is the "the mod that is not to be". A decision instigated mostly by my dissatisfaction with the state of the mod at the time (especially considering how long it's been around), and a thorough understanding of how far it actually stood from my ultimate desired

Legend 9 title concept

However, as time was passing by - i kept asking myself: is this all i was capable of? How has the game that i loved so much during my teenage years - turned into a bleak, half-finished under-mod with design holes all over, veering dangerously into the chore territory. I had only myself to blame for the inconsistent quality or the often found disparity between the good ideas and average execution, all the while leaving quite a few elements "as is" = following the slacking way of the Raven (as in Software).

The answer was slowly becoming clear: this was not to be the end. No way! This - was a new beginning. I would re-ignite the fire of Hexen in a way that has never been done before. I would forge a triumph of classic oldschool glory that any Hexen fan would stand for. And i would bring the game back to my top list, sparing no effort in the process.

Deathwind Castle1

So I took several steps back: analyzing every single fault of version 8.33, every section that i previously deemed "too tedious to work on" and the reasons why some parts of it are fun while others are a feast of boredom. Learning, practicing, designing my signature style and staples, working on concepts and ideas by using my other mods as training exercises, - all in order to finally come up with a solid plan to reflect the vision where no stone is left unturned, a vision that the mod should (and would) eventually become.

Half a year later, i was ready to begin the journey of making Legend-9. I saw it as something more than a mod: a revolutionary upgrade-remake, a statement of creative design, logical analysis and deductive reasoning. Something that hopefully, - would inspire others to reach higher, just as some projects have inspired me in the same way. For the last 16 months i was essentially remaking the entire game, with a
sub-objective to raise my standards every day, - right until the point when i could no longer come up with superior ideas for an extended period of time. The resulting difference between any of my previous efforts and Legend-9 is nothing short of indescribable. Every single section has been revised and remade to reflect the polished-to-the-max directive. There is nothing out there like this mod, but i sincerely hope - that some day there will be.

Currently, i am launching the 6-level demo, which is the entire first episode, about 5-7 hours of gameplay. The rest of the game is yet to undergo the necessary polish, fine-tuning, balancing and error correction.
And while i am working on that, - i would like to take this opportunity to bring the project to you, even if only in part for the time being.

Fight Fire with Fire as Baratus, warrior of the legion

Guardian of Fire, The Hall of Flames

Guardian of Fire, The Crypt

Menelkirs library3

Guardian of Fire, The Inner Sanctum

A few final notes on the demo (and the full version as well):

- Legend-9 is a Doomsday-engine EXCLUSIVE mod. It does NOT work with GZDoom or anything else. The mod functions through Doomsday-specific script files, and these are recognized by Doomsday engine only. A Legend-9 compatible and tested modern version of the Doomsday engine - can be downloaded here, in the files section.

- Legend-9 will eventually exist as two versions: modern and vintage. The "modern" version is meant to be played only on the modern version of Doomsday engine. The vintage version, respectively - is meant for the vintage engine. These are NOT interchangeable.

- The demo that is currently being released - is the "modern" version. It was tailored to and tested with Doomsday 2.3.1 This demo will crash or have issues, if used with older versions of Doomsday.

- Doomsday engine or Legend-9 (or 8.33) has no issues working on Windows 10. And never had any issues. The myth about Legend mod and Windows 10 - is just that: a myth.

And without any further ado, i welcome all of you to the new adventure...

7Portals, outside

Winnowing Hall, the machine

Guardian of Steel, Inner Castle 2

Hammer, Bow Axe and Sword!

Guardian of Steel, Inner Castle - Entrance

Fire Mage's hideout. Fortunately for you, these deadly spellcasters do not appear in the demo.

Legend 9 demo title screen

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