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Character Selection systems are complete and a new enemy is ready to start haunting the dungeons!

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Most of the work this month was focused on finishing up and adding polish to the character select systems and doing all of the animations for the Skeleton Warrior enemy that I had shown a while back.

1. New Button Prompts

I made a quick button prompt system that allows me to draw any prompt with any icon on screen while also supporting multiple control schemes. Below you can see me switching between Playstation and Xbox controls in the character select screen. Keyboard will be supported too obviously but it will be a bit trickier since I intend to allow full control binding customization.

Button Prompts

2. Character Selection

So the Character Selection systems are finally ready (Except for the background!) . Character options are procedurally generated when accessing the character select screen after your current character meets an unfortunate end. The generation starts from a class (currently only the Knight is ready!) and then the attributes are rolled based on the class. For example a Knight starts with higher base attack and base defense values, high strength value but low intelligence and dexterity values.

Character Selection Screen

Traits (the things on the right) are generated independent of class and are what makes characters stand out. Each one has a specific effect on gameplay with some having a much higher impact on play style than others. I will make a post dedicated to traits later on when I'm able to show their impact on the character better.

3. Skeleton Warrior

Skeleton Warrior

The skeleton warrior animations are all ready and he's ready to be put in-game. This guy will be more like a mini boss enemy rather then just a simple mob since I want him to be pretty tough to take down and considering the fact that he turned out to be almost as big as a boss!

Skeleton Warrior Idle

He's going to be pretty slow moving but with a very long attack reach and players won't be able to stagger him while he's winding up for his attack. He's also the first enemy to be able to block attacks which will make him even harder to kill.

Skeleton Walk Animation


That is all for this month!
Unfortunately I didn't have too much to show compared to the previous months since most of the work was coding but pretty soon the core game loop will be finished and I will be able to show some uncut gameplay!

Stay tuned on the project's tumblr devlog and my twitter for the latest updates.
Hope you like the project so far and thanks for reading!

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Animations look really good =)

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