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Hello fellow vault dwellers, Volumed again with a news update.

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Hello fellow vault dwellers, Volumed again with a news update. Have a happy vaultastic 2013!

New Developer:

Webmanix wrote: Hey ^^ Carlos, 20, Brazil.

Curious since always, apprentice since 2003+-, developer since 2005 now on college (Computer science, yeah, its crap for me, the goal there should be learning '-' but i kinda give classes).

Like trance, has a girlfriend, gonna be dad and a lover of the good things (an old scotch and a good smoke). I Speak portuguese and english but i know some of spanish and a few words of a few other languages (im just fascinated by other languages, specially latin and chinese).

Game lover since always, everything i know about computers today are thanks to my games (i started cheating games) shortly after learning how things worked in the computer, i started learning pascal, shortly jumped to delphi and after that assembly itself (to be able to create complex code changes) and now in college i got introduced to C/C++, but syntax is quite easy and i basically give classes about it to higher grade students '-'.

Was searching the internet for some fallout 3/nv mod for multiplayer because of a friend and now im here to help finish this project =D

Become a Developer of VaultMP yourself:

Vault-Tec Multiplayer Mod is a rather huge project and I would be grateful if it had some more developers. Work on vaultmp can be exciting and very diverse. It deals with the game engine (low-level), networking code, scripting and various design patterns. Most parts aren't easy to understand so you are required to have some well established C++ knowledge. However, I'm happy to answer any question regarding the source code!
If you are interested, write me a mail ( The source code is available

Start scripting:

VaultMP is a rich source and good place to train your scripting skills:

New GUI:

roby65 wrote: Hi Guys,

i'm gonna change the GUI subsystem that works in VaultMP, and i don't know what to choose.
A member suggested me MyGUI as it's simple, but i also found CEGUI that is more professional.
What GUI subsystem would you like to see in the next VaultMP Updates?


Rob is working on the new CEGUI chat right now, it will add more possibilities and the problems with the chat right now will be solved.

The DevTracker specials:
all related functions are optionally strongly typed (at least in C++). By defining GAME_FALLOUT3 or GAME_NEWVEGAS before the inclusion of vaultscript.h, all functions and callbacks are typed so they only accept data members either from the Fallout 3 or New Vegas namespace. If none is defined, it falls back to the generic type.

Social Media:


Download VaultMP:

For the GUI I'd suggest GWEN.

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