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Yes, the mode is still alive, here are some details on the progress of the project.

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The project still exists, don't worry, but I'm a bit lacking in motivation and time. For the time, it's that I don't work only an hour or two, but usually I spend almost 6 hours minimum when I decide to work there, but with the job, and the obligations of life, I don't I don't always have that time available. The motivation is that I'm in a somewhat repetitive and boring work phase; adjusting names for doors and passages. The levels count between 20 and 80, so it's very long and repetitive.

But it's a must, if I want to follow, yes, I could dwell on the other aspects, but I need it to test the rest (and not use the "noclip"). But I'm also working on an update to the development map, including my parts of the design in a standard, which I will rely on throughout the creation of the levels. This map will be available when I finish setting my standards.

If you haven't noticed, the game is sometimes different depending on the console or the port, here we forget the Super Nintendo version which is totally different due to Nintendo's censorship and whims. For example, the "hidden" version in the game Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the maps are structurally identical, but the presence of items, villains and backgrounds are slightly different, and I know that other versions are different in these elements too .

So you will already have to understand that I am based on the version sold on Steam of Wolfenstein 3D and that I play it at the easy level and that I give myself a certain freedom of interpretation of the spaces to vary in the design. Also, for the inspiration of the designs, I base myself on the information of some Wiki on the game, and I understood that it is the Castle of Wolfenstein, fortified in Bunker, the character is imprisoned there, and you must escape and kill Hitler and that the story goes before the other games (logic). Then I fill in the rest with known historical facts from the Second World War.

Afterwards, what also lengthens the development is the need to identify the details, the further I go, the more I realize that I have to adjust the details to improve the depth of the design, the simple fact of adding a texture, despite the very good source performance, doesn't add enough detail, yet I have an RTX which should improve texture depth.

Today with Unity and Serious Engine for example, you have to add more relief, not just think that the texture will do the job. The Source engine is still old, but it can still give a lot if you take the time. Because let's not forget, that I'm not just making a copy, but I'm also trying to put it more "up to date".

The weapons will be reviewed, I just have to go back to the engine code to adjust the recoil force, which is totally overkill and quickly becomes an irritant. Just that compiling the DLL is not a simple thing because the slightest error and I practically have to go back to the original version to start over, because I'm really not comfortable in C++ .Net. As I have a serious problem with the display, the face appears, but once activated, it is not possible to remove it. I will have to find a coder who can help me to publish a stable and complete DLL.

Given the time needed to release this chapter, you will understand that after the release, I do not intend to continue with the second, etc. Free then to others to base on my work to create one. Because yes, I will make my sources available at the end of the project (probably on GitHub).

I remain attentive to your comments and encouragement, seeing my mod in the top 5,000 is pleasant.

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