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100 days passed since we started working on Blinding Dark! Let's see what happened during this time and what is there still to come.

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Hi friends,

100 days ago we created the folder project for Blinding Dark. At that time we didn't even have a name for the game. We just knew that a horror game must be created that is not a copy-paste of Slender or Amnesia.

Indeed no one can argue that not being able to fight against your enemies brings a high degree of despair which makes the game a true horrific experience, but sometimes that is no enough... or it gets old, quickly. So, even though Blinding Dark draws some inspiration from Amnesia, enemy encounters should be treated differently. Running away will rarely save you, because most of the time will just get you killed.

In Blinding Dark, the player will discover that even though you have different weapons and items on you, surviving the random enemy encounters will prove very challenging. Pair this with the risk of being punished for your repeated deaths and you got yourself a good dose of despair.

Let's see what we've done until now:
- AI scripting (the enemy will patrol, actively look for you, chase, attack, retreat, call for help and die)
- trigger system (traps, puzzles, doors, voice over lines, journal entries, sound FX)
- 90% of all the level props are done.
- all weapons are implemented and working as expected, except for the Ectoplasm Cannon (still needs some tweaking and setting some variables)
- GUI is done. Based on feedback, we can add functionality and change it looks pretty easy.
- all the enemy models and animations are in place, still needs some work with the sound FX for half of them.
- puzzle system is done around 80%, still needs some tweaking and a couple of elements implemented.
- save system is done.
- visual FX system is done.
- camera triggers, physics and effects are done.

Coming up next:
- finishing the playground level (also we thought about adding a short part of the actual game level)
- adding all the remaining sfx to the monsters
- finishing the weapons
- further optimize the game for better performance.

Thanks a lot for joining in this week and don't forget to track the game if you like it:

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