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Temporarily out of commission so I'll post what I have fornow...Its time to start to post some news again...

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Hello again fellow modders,lurkers, & CnC Fans with the coming of September comes some more updates to Colony Wars. A Partial Conversion Mod for Yuri's Revenge - Enhanced by Ares that adds in new toys for the original 3 Sides as well as adding a fourth playable side. The Colony (A group of mutant creatures originally only encompassing Giant Mutant Ants from Red Alert 1 now including a more varied army as well)

So currently I don't have my laptop which has all the files of Colony Wars so this update will be the only one for a long while...

Non-Graphical Tweaks...
The Bradley FV now changes Weapons depending on its Driver much like the IFV from RA2. However instead of a Machine Gun for Basic Infantry it gains instead an upgraded Cannon.

The Psychic Beacon is now the Equivalent of the Grand Cannon for Yuri. Being able to mind control enemy units permanently but suffering from a long cooldown. Like the Grand Cannon Beacons have a build limit of 3.

User Posted Image
A Yurified Psychic Sensor Cameo for Yuri's Psychic Sensor Building.

Finishing the list of unique MBTS for each of Yuri's Factions is the Vampire Tank (Working Name) for the Cabal Order.

Yuri Vampire Tank

The Vampire Tank leeches off energy from enemy vehicles whenever it fires its cannon.

User Posted Image

The M113 APC or "APC" by the Allies. The APC is available in Campaign as enemies for the Colony for their Campaigns (Once they get a fully functioning Side) or as controllable units by the Player for the Allied Campaign. Alternatively they will be available as Crate Goodies in Skirmish/Multiplayer

Allied Ranger

The Allied Ranger returns as a playable unit exclusive to the Eagle Command as their replacement for the IFV. Sacrificing some Armor for Maneuverability. Pictured is its Machine Gun Mode although the Ranger will come armed with a Rocket Launcher like the IFV however.

Allied Naval Unit Prerequisites

Also introducing a pretty much finalized set of the Naval Units for the Allies.
Dark Blue - Defense Initiative
Green - Eagle Command
Cyan - Raider Ops
PortPort + Air Force Command
Port + Tech Bureau
Left to Right:
Voyager (Vanilla Allied Transport) - Galleon (Landing Craft) - Gunboat - Dolphin
Destroyer - Aegis Cruiser
Aircraft Carrier - Battleship
Defense Initiative:Voyager replaced by Galleon (Has 15 Passenger Space,Omnicrusher, Armed with Light Machine Gun)

Raider Ops:Gunboat replaced by Dolphin(Underwater, Cheaper, Self-Healing)

Eagle Command:Aircraft Carrier replaced by Battleship(Attacks cannot be shot down, Inaccurate)

The Voyager is just renamed Allied Hovercraft. The Voyager is the fastest among the Naval Yard Transports though.The Galleon replaces the Voyager for the Defense Initiative. It however comes armed with a 2-inch Cannon much like the Gunboat and can crush certain land vehicles should it do so opt to fight on land after it has unloaded its load. It however doesn't come with Naval Sensors so Gunboats or Destroyers are still usually a must for escorts.

Colony Wars is looking for some Voice Actors for voicing some new units as well as some capable 3D Modelers to help speed up progress on the Assets of the Colony Faction. Drop a PM in Revora or PPM (Atomic_Noodles) or send me a PM here with details/samples if you are interested in helping out.


"yurified"... i like that word X)))

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