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Hi stalkers! Some quick news & screenshots about the upcoming update!

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Hello stalkers! Some quick news today.


The upcoming 1.5 content update is nearly complete.
There is some scripting left to be done on one map with minor fixes.
Maybe some adjustments on another map will be done too.
All the rest is ready. And that's a lot of new content, trust me!

⬆ Route Kanal

I hope I'll be able to send the build to testers during September, we will see.
This summer I have been busy with various things IRL and am a little late on what I predicted.

Sorry about that, stalkers. Really.

⬆ Deserted


I managed to achieve some cool work though; I really think you will have fun discovering those new chapters that I've been cooking for months.
Various original and huge levels await, with tons of objectives.

Dead City
⬆ Dead City

Originally, 1.5 update was meant to deliver only two new levels.
During summer 2021 various new ideas came to my mind.
I decided to add more chapters, some I believe rather unique!
During this month of August 2022 I decided to expand a lot one of the new maps.
It is now another huge one technically.

⬆ Flooded Street

So, to conclude, be ready and thanks for staying with us!
I'll do my best to finish everything fast plus with quality.

⬆ Dancing on the Ashes of the World

Take care during those strange times.
Let's stay strong even if things get complicated. 💪

Forbidden Trip.
Forbidden Escape.
Forbidden Fate.


Note: If you really like what I'm doing on my free time, you can send a tip!
You will receive major content updates at least one month before everyone and also exclusive contact with me; check Patreon!

Argoon - - 1,085 comments

Looks to be very intriguing, nice job. :)

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Yanka Author
Yanka - - 260 comments

Thank you for your continued interest! 😄

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CustomStoryGatherers - - 90 comments

I really love the look of the night time city. looks like a mix of the cities of premonition and destiny revenant

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Yanka Author
Yanka - - 260 comments

Thanks! I have not played those mods but their screenshots look rather original, maybe I'll try them if I have the motivation someday! 👍

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DeXiaZ - - 974 comments

Those screens are beautiful, nice work!

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Yanka Author
Yanka - - 260 comments

Thanks for the kind words!
If you try next build feel free to leave some feedback if you want, especially if there are things you did not like. 😃

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