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Broadbeams and Firebeards going to rebuild their kingdom!

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New update is out now! Download mod here:

Last Alliance: TW Alpha v0.3.2 - Two Kings

Not save compatible

If the download is slow, open the mirror server list and select a server from your region.

Recommended difficulty level: Hard

This is full version, you don't need previous version to play, but you don't have to remove previous version (e.g. if you want finish your started campaign). Don't run files from different version together!

If you have problems with mod, check firstly Installation Guide, Known bugs list and FAQ, links below.

Mod should be stable, but sometimes isn't. So I suggest to saving game often (and don't replace saves of course).

Mae govannen!

To fight alongside the Durin’s Folk come the Broadbeams and Firebeards of Ered Luin! Although their kingdom was devastated by the War of Wrath, they are still proud and fierce in battle just like the rest of Aule's children.
Thanks to Luiza Aris and Jawor for help with unit stats, technology and other mod elements ❤️ Thanks also to Sea for concept art for some of the dwarven and orc models ❤️
Let's see what Two Kings Update has to offer. If you want to support the project, check out my Patreon and my Ko-fi profile ^^

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In the previous Update, I prepared the campaign map for the next few Updates, so there weren't many changes here. I've fixed a few bugs, mainly related to army blocking and I've made minor changes to the starting situation of a few factions.

So the most important thing that has been introduced are playable factions of Kingdom of Ered Luin and Orcs of Angmar.

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The first ones got their own roster of units, a unique tech tree (as usual prepared by Luiza) and two heroes: Azaghâl III and Thrain II Stone Fist reigning over the mountains. Unfortunately the books don't say much about the rulers of Ered Luin, so these two kings are part of Last Alliance: Total War lore. Luiza Aris and Jawor are currently working on entries for the Last Alliance Encyclopedia (starting with Númenor), so soon you'll be able to read more about them ;)

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Despite the destruction brought by the War of Wrath, Ered Luin was in a relatively peaceful part of Middle-earth in the Second Age. So you can focus on rebuilding and developing your kingdom without special worries that hordes of orcs will come to burn down your mountain home. But for those who like more expansive gameplay the way to the Misty Mountains is always open. You can also make use of the quite unusual for dwarves situation which is the access to the sea.

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In the case of the Orcs of Angmar, I decided to unlock them because of the introduction of the Butchers of Angmar unit (a regional unit for other orc factions) and apart from this unit, this faction has no other new features for now.

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Moving on to the Ered Luin army. I focused on giving their army a unique style, clearly differing them from the Durin's Folk. Some of the units are equivalent to those of the Khazad-dûm army, but they got a lot of completely new units that make the Ered Luin's fighting style significantly different from what you might have experienced when playing as Khazad-dûm.

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Broadbeams and Firebeards are a more aggressive and offensive army. They lack crossbowmen or units with polearms, but their axe throwers and strong shieldbearers make up for it. At the same time, they have some more mobile units such as Berserkers or Scouts, formed as a result of cooperation with Elves, which allow the Ered Luin army to react faster on the battlefield.

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We have also made some minor changes to the balance of units in battles. However, much more important are the balance changes in the campaign. I noticed that AI playing Orcs and Haradrim were recruiting very weak armies compared to those created by AI for other factions. This was due to these factions needing extraordinary effort to get access to medium and high tier units. So this has been fixed and now these factions have much faster and easier access to regular armies. This allows them to more quickly become a force that can stand up to Númenoreans, Elves or Dwarves.

Detailed list of changes, as always, you can find in Changelog.

And that's all, I hope you will enjoy playing Ered Luin or fighting against them ^^ Meanwhile we move on to work on Alpha 0.3.3 which will be called The Prancing Pony and in which, as you can guess from the name, we want to focus on introducing Bree as a playable faction ^^

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Thanks for working on this project, looking forward to trying next version as usual :)

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