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Last Alliance: Total War Alpha v0.2.0 - High Elves Update is out now!

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Last Alliance Alpha v0 2 0

Mae govannen!

Okay, let's start from most important thing - Last Alliance: High Elves Update is out now! You can download new build here:

Last Alliance: TW Alpha v0.2.0 - High Elves
Not save compatible
This is full version, you don't need previous version to play, but you don't have to remove previous version (e.g. if you want finish your started campaign). Just not run files from different version together :P

Additionally, on MODDB started Mod of the Year competition and now you can voting on your favourite mods. In first round will be choose 100 mods, so if you like this project vote on us ^^
(If you voted on another mod it not problem, you can vote on more than one mod)

UPDATE: Last Alliance: Total War is in TOP 100 in MODDB Mod of the Year competition ❤️
Thanks for your votes! ❤️
Now is second phase of competition where will be chosen TOP 10 mods - you can vote on more than one mod ^^

Now let's be honest: I spent too much time working on this build. And there's probably less new content than many of you expected.
But I hope you will enjoy this build anyway ^^

Main changes in Alpha v0.2.0:
- 27 new provinces (added Eriador)
- New playable faction and culture: Kingdom of Lindon
- 9 new elven units (12 units for Lindon in total)
- Armor for Gil-Galad
- Basic tech tree for elves
- Improvments for campaign map - more forest
- New building icons for elves by Sara Temer
- Some new building icons (for Numenorean) by Mareon
- Added some additional Wildmen factions in Eriador
- Increased starting money for Haradrim and Wildmen factions
- Decreased starting money for Numenoreans factions
- Removed starting fleet for Empire of Numenor (I hope, that now Pharazon stop attack Pelargir instead fight with Miriel)
- Colony in Umbar get starting fleet (I hope that now will be more probably that they will send help to Empire of Numenor)
- Removed Elven District building chain for Numenorean Elendili factions (now elven Teleri units are available in some provinces from military port chain)
- Changed rebelions in Numenor - now if region owned to Kingdom of Numenor then rebelions will be from Empire of Numenor. And if region owned to Empire of Numenor then rebelions will be from Kingdom of Numenor.

So, now campaign map has 99 provinces. In Eriador isn't all added yet, because is not there settlements in Ered Luin and Angmar but this you will see in next patches ;) Additional improvments of campaign map in this update it more forest (I will fix it a bit later, because in some places I added not enough tree models) - map looks better and now for real you can plan ambushes.

Shogun 2 Total War Screenshot 2 17

About Lindon unit roster. It's not all planned units, so probably before Annatar Update elves will get additional update (but we will see when I will publish what). What kind of units it will be? Well, e.g. some high tier sindar units, because now they have nothing above Teleri Spearmen.

High King Guard

New style of building icons. At this moment I don't have nobody who could help me with building icons (last icons by Mareon are from July) and personally I don't have enough skill to fast drawing such building icons like are partly for Numenorean. So I projected simple icons, which will don't take me all my drawing time. This icons will be implement for all factions (Numenoreans building icons by Vain and Maeron will be as submod - I hope that icons in this style will be completed in future).

Building icons

A bit changes in balance. Now Haradrim and Wildmen factions have more starting money and Numenorean factions have a bit less starting money. This should make that conquer Middle-Earth will be not such easy for Numenoreans colonies. We will see how it will be looks in practice ^^' Additionally still I'm trying to make that war between AI Kingdom of Numenor and AI Empire of Numenor more randomly. So now Empire of Numenor not have starting fleet (I hope this stupid idiot Pharazor will be not attack Pelargir instead fight with Miriel anymore) and now if some provinces under Miriel will rebel, then they automatically join to Pharazon (but to make this more probably I think that I need to increased aversion King's Men to Elendili and set larger precent of them in settlements).

Numenor civil war

Now I work on adding Calenardhon provinces to campaign map (you can tell me whether you're interested to see a timelapse from the project and implementing the part of campaign map ;) ) and I hope that you will no need wait too much for alpha v0.2.1 >.<

And this is all, see you next time ^^

Other place where you find this mod:
- If you want suport this project, check Patreon:
- If you want discuss about mod, here is mod server:
- Mod forum on TWCenter:
- Mod forum on Total RTS:


Hi, sorry bother, the mod is great, I've been playing it and I love it, I know there are still updates to come but I think maybe it would be good to start working on the models of structures, and buildings, so that the maps begin to have a little more Air to the middle earth and the Siege combats are more attractive, I would also consider adding some map more middle earth to collide armies in the custom battles.

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Sara_Temer Author

Read FAQ

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Will you also update your steamworkshop with the latest version?

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Sara_Temer Author

Mod isn't available on workshop.

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i just wanted to let you know it's great!

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