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The Elvenking will defend his new kingdom and will not allow the Shadow to nestle between the trees!

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New update is out now! Download mod here:

Last Alliance: TW Alpha v0.3.7 - Eryn Galen

Not save compatible

If the download is slow, open the mirror server list and select a server from your region.

Recommended difficulty level: Hard

Suggested unit size: Ultra

This is full version, you don't need previous version to play, but you don't have to remove previous version (e.g. if you want finish your started campaign). Don't run files from different version together!

If you have problems with mod, check firstly Installation Guide, Known bugs list and FAQ, links below.

Mod should be stable, but sometimes isn't. So I suggest to saving game often (and don't replace saves of course).

Mae govannen!

Before the shadow of the Enemy fell over the Mirkwood, this great home of the Silvan Elves was called Eryn Galen - which in Sindarin means "Greenwood the Great". After the War of Wrath, Oropher crossed the Misty Mountains and the Anduin with a group of Sindars from Doriath and established his kingdom here, which was indeed ruled by Sindars, however, the majority of the population were Tawarwaith (as the Silvan Elves were called in Sindarin), who lived among the great trees of this forest since before the first sunrise.

So a new elven kingdom joins the Akallabêth campaign, who, although culturally similar to their Lothlórien cousins, are significantly different, either unit-wise and economically.

As always, thanks to Luiza and Jawor for their help with the planning of units, technologies and other elements of the new faction ❤️ Before I move on to discussing the new update, I'll just mention that it's worth taking a look at the Roadmap - there have been some significant changes to the planned future updates. If you want to support the project, check out my Patreon and my Ko-fi profile ^^

As I have already mentioned, the Kingdom of Eryn Galen is mainly settled by the Tawarwaith and a smaller group of Sindars. The Tawarwaith are not as technologically advanced as their cousins who moved further west. So when the Sindar came here it was the Tawarwaith who learnt many crafts from them, while the Sindar adopted much of their culture and lifestyle. However, due to limited contact with the Noldor, there are few people in the kingdom who are skilled in metalwork, so most of these elves focus on woodcraft, caring for the forest orchards or hunting wild animals that are abundant in these forests.

Additionally, the kingdom has a very loose structure, even for an elven kingdom. So Oropher needs to make a lot of reforms if he wants to prepare his people for the coming storm and have enough strength to support his allies in the fight against the Shadow, which can even threaten the borders of the Greenwood.

Warriors from the Woodland Realm are usually even more lightly armoured than their cousins from Lothlórien. However, they are masters of the stealthy approach and try to avoid open combat. So even when it does occur they try to retreat quickly to better positions. Support in such situations can be given by light troops of riders, who can distract the enemy enough for the main force to disappear between the trees again. In addition, many of the warriors here prefer to fight with spears or glaives, due to the greater practicality of these weapons when confronted with wargs and other large beasts. So even the attacks of enemy riders are no danger to them.

The best-armed forces here are the Sindar who came from Doriath, however, these are not very numerous, so they are most often the followers of Oropher or other Sindar commanders in battle.

In addition to the new faction, the update also includes a handful of miscellaneous fixes. So far, a common problem has been AI losing their main settlements (even capitals) due to rebellions. So I've given all AI factions a stronger focus on constructing happiness-enhancing buildings. This should help them keep public order at a reasonable level. In addition, the orcs got a bonus to furnaces and a larger focus on building them which should make their economy stronger and make them a bigger threat in the north of Middle-Earth. I've also made other changes to the economy - I've removed the reduction of administration costs from the Administration chain and increased the cost of recruiting upgraded units in the Blacksmiths significantly - this should make creating fully upgraded armies in the late game a little more challenging for the economy.

As always, you can find a detailed list of changes in the Changelog.

That's all for now. I hope you will have fun playing as Eryn Galen ^^ We are now starting work on the Northmen living in central Rhovanion (they are the ancestors of the Rohirrim known from the end of the Third Age, as well as the people of Dale, Esgaroth and Dorwinion) so you can expect a preview of their units soon, as well as a plan for a new part of the campaign map ^^

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