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Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! Dwarves are marching to war!

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New update is out now! Download mod here:

Last Alliance: TW Alpha v0.3.0 - Durin's Folk

Not save compatible

If the download is slow, open the mirror server list and select a server from your region.

Recommended difficulty levels: Hard

This is full version, you don't need previous version to play, but you don't have to remove previous version (e.g. if you want finish your started campaign). Don't run files from different version together!

If you have problems with mod, check firstly Installation Guide, Known bugs list and FAQ, links below.

Mod should be stable, but sometimes isn't. So I suggest to saving game often (and don't replace saves of course).

Mae govannen!

The doors of Khazad-dûm have been opened and the great army of Durin's Folk is going to war against orcs! After the previous update in which the mod was fundamentally rebuilt technically, I was able to focus fully on the dwarves and now they are ready to war. Thanks again to Luiza Aris and Jawor for their help with planning everything ❤️ - without them working on this update would probably take much longer.
So let's go on to take a look at what the new Update offers. If you want to support the project, check out my Patreon and my Ko-fi profile ^^

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Let's start with the campaign map. Because I decided there was no point in editing the map just for the 6 new settlements in Ered Hithui and Ered Luin I decided instead to add all of West Rhovanion right away, preparing the ground for future updates with Lothlorien and Eryn Galen. Because of this, they're just a placeholder for now (as are the Woodmen living in the Vale of Anduin), so don't expect anything special from them.
Additionally, two settlements have been added in the northern part of Angmar where I have settled an additional faction of orcs along with two others which have settled in the north and south of Rhovanion.
All in all, the campaign map has been expanded by an additional 28 settlements. It has also received some minor improvements, both visual and technical.

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Moving on to the dwarves themselves, you could see a few of their units in the previous update where I posted them as a preview, however, now you can experience their true strength.
The dwarven army is slow, but fierce and relentless. Even when surrounded by overwhelming forces they are menacing and constantly ready to carve a path with their axes.
They are also excellent sprinters, and in addition to this we have prepared several special equipment for the Durin's Folk which will add variety to their gameplay.

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On the campaign map, Khazad-dûm was divided into three settlements. I felt that a single settlement in Total War would not reflect even a small amount of how big and powerful this kingdom is. The dwarves have bonuses to the income from the mines, so they can exploit the potential of the mountain riches better than the other factions.
In addition, they received access to a new type of building - Granary, which will allow them to maintain stable food reserves even in the case of sudden loss of part of the territory or enemy raids on farmland.
Of course, we couldn't miss a unique technology tree for Khazad-dûm, the preparation of which is, as usual, the responsibility of Luiza Aris.


In addition to Khazad-dûm you can also find a playable Ered Luin in the main menu. Please note, however, that this faction is not yet ready and shares everything with the Durin's Folk.I have only unlocked it as an alternative dwarven start option and for the possibility to play the dwarven co-op campaign. There is an update planned for them in which they will get their own models, units, technologies, etc.


Apart from that, the mod received a number of different fixes and improvements. Númenorean factions got more interesting faction bonuses, I've made minor corrections to starting situations of each faction, and additionally I've spent the night lowering the voices of all units, which should now scream a little bit quieter ^^'
Detailed list of changes, as always, you can find in Changelog.

I hope you will enjoy the new version of the mod ^^ The next update will most probably be Alpha 0.3.2 Two Kings, which will appear, as always, as soon as possible :P

Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!

PS. I literally delayed the release of the update by two days because Lusia and I want to order pizza for the release, and we didn't want other food to be spoiled >.< xD But it worked out even better because I tweaked a few more things and even prepared the mini-trailer ^^'

PS2. Self-advertisement, if you like animu-art and you like the drawings I publish on my Twitter, I have open commissions ^^

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I have no words to describe just how great this mod is! Too bad the amazon show probably won't be as good as this mod but still the mod will get hundreds of players when the show airs ;)

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