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Time once again for another DI update. This one is a bit late, but better late then never, right?

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Le Havre, France
Centre de Recherche Militaire "Charles Ailleret"

"Status report.", said the chief scientist. "Team Trojan is in place sir. We are ready to begin the operation." "Good, and what about Troy?" "We are deploying the last of the new mines outside the defense wall. Those new minelayers are quite useful if I may say so. Now it remains to be seen if these smart mines will also work as intended. We are still waiting for the Athena vehicles to arrive. Last contact said ETA 5 min till drop." "I see. Contact us as soon as those Athena arrive, Ailleret out."

"What exactly are we suppose to see here doctor?", asked one of the military guests, "Well, we want to taunt a rebels nest into attacking Troy. We needed a way to test our new weapons in a controlled battle, and while ADF proves to be a challenge, rebels make for great lab rats. We have deployed the new minelayer a day ago and today we are shipping the Athena. As you can see, the outpost has minimal stationary defenses, so it will mostly rest on these 2 experimentals to do the job." "We assure you that our mines will work at 100% efficiency. ZTech always delivers. With the micro-production technology in the new minelayers, you will basically have a unlimited amount of mines at your disposal." said the ZTech representant. The Cynopolies representant was quiet, yet extremely confident. He was still waiting to hear from the dropship carrying the vehicles. I have just received word from our dropship. The Athenas have been deployed and are ready for testing." "Good, Team Trojan you have green light. I repeat … green light."

Tatouine, Tunisia
Outpost: Troy – 6.4 kilometers south of the city.

"This is team one, job done." "We’ve pretty much deployed a smart mine for every mother fucking armed cockroach. Those assholes won’t even know what hit’em." "Team two here, we’re done with the back entrance as well. If they try any backdoor action, we have all the protection we need. This is going to be one ass they can’t touch hahahaha", followed by more laughter in the communication channel, "Alright boys, that’s enough! Get back inside the outpost and prepare for battle!"

Near the Rebel base
Somewhere out there

"Ok people let’s do this", said the Captain, "You all know you’re mission. Move!" Within the next 10 minutes team Trojan opened fire on multiple rebels and gunned them down, at the same time several of their compound buildings are blown up by team Trojan's explosive charges. Making sure that they are seen, team Trojan runs to their vehicles and head out to Troy. Behind them, the entire rebel army. "This is team Trojan, the plan is working. They took all of their forces against us. Hell, they even have 2 light helicopters …", gun fire and explosions cut the transmission for a few seconds, "… 5 minutes away … I repeat we are 5 minutes away…"

An area surveillance equipped Athena detects the 2 incoming helicopters, and immediately after, a small explosion followed by a fast missile crashes through one of the helicopters, sending it down. A few seconds later a second missile and the second helicopter is also shut down. As the Trojan Team was approaching the outpost, multiple missiles started to fire all around from what seemed like nowhere. Behind them, they could see rebel vehicles exploding. "We still have a few left on our tail", said the Captain. "Just get inside captain, our defenses will handle the rest", said the outpost superior officer. "Deploy the Athena Fusion Module, we need to power up our defenses." "The fusion core is online. Defenses are powering up. Wow, power levels are amazing. We can pretty much overcharge our defenses into frenzy fire sir!"

As team Trojan’s vehicle was heading inside the base, defenses started to rain death on rebel forces at a much faster rate than they would usually fire. The 2 minelayers also joined the fight and cut through rebel infantry forces with great ease. Within the next 10 min, the fight was over. "Outpost: Troy, our telemetry data indicates that the battle is over. Report please." "This is Troy, over. Rebel forces have been wiped out without a single loss. The new smart mines are amazing. They not only kill with great accuracy, but seem to have an excellent psychic factor. Those rebels were pissing in their pants. As for the Athena, wow, we’ve never seen something like this. A few of these babies and you don’t need power, sensors or supplies. They literally put our outposts in mobile form. We need to deploy this toys ASAP sir!" "Yes, well thank you for the report. We expect a more in-depth one in the next few hours, but this will do for now." "Well messieurs, as you can see the test was successful. The fruits of our cooperation have turned what could have been a massacre of our forces into a cakewalk." *additional chatter about the battle and the aftermath of the experiment*

WEA Athena FSV

The product of European research and Cynopolies' nanotechnology and smart materials, these vehicles, while extremely expensive, can give your base huge versatility. Initially armed with an active defense system that can intercept small or large missiles, they can also be equipped with 1 of 3 modules:

Recycler Module - Allows WEA to access a secondary economy 1 tier earlier than the other factions. Works exactly like the Recycling plant but weaker.

Fusion Module - Allows WEA to have mobile power plants that can increase the fire rate of stationary defenses.

Surveillance Module - Detects stealth/camouflaged units or structures in a large radius, while their early-warning system can detect and designate any enemy air target.

The Athena can also protect itself by deploying upto 3 Medusa drones.

WEA Charon Minelayer

Developed by the European Advanced Research Division in cooperation with ZTech industries, these mobile smart mine factories, can produce unlimited amount of different smart mines, at the cost of resources. Armed with a burst fire machine gun, and capable of transporting up to 2 troopers that can fire from inside the vehicle, it can even go into direct combat. However, it is it’s mine deploying capabilities that make it such an interesting vehicle. The Charon can deploy 1 of 4 types of "mines":

Anti-Air Mine - These smart mines will launch a hyper-velocity kinetic missile at any air target that gets in its sensor radius. While it’s a one shot mine, it packs enough firepower to take out light air targets.

Anti-Tank Mine - These mines function identically with the AA mine, but instead of a kinetic missile, they are armed with a high explosive armor-piercing missile.

EMP Mine - Equipped with an EMP generator, these mines will disable every enemy or friendly vehicle in a medium radius.

Sentry Camera - These ones can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield and act as stationary recon tools.

Well that's all we have for this update.

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and we'll see you in the next update.

SPS-Barbarossa - - 976 comments

nice that you included tatouine in the story, the place where the first star wars movie was shot and tatooine owes his name to.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Anubis_theDark - - 718 comments

Well i'm glad someone noticed it. It was suppose to be a ester egg in the story :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Gresh1234 - - 326 comments

I love the Charon's rainbow mines :D... Reminds me of Brawl from Transformers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
jfpoliveira12 - - 3,724 comments

If you are taking suggestions, perhaps a better armoured (specially on the cockpit) and gunless minelayer for a subfaction, would be a good idea, and a throwback to the original C&C RA minelayers.
Its just an idea, but Armoured Minelayer or Bull Charon, sounds good to me. What do you think?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Anubis_theDark - - 718 comments

The Charon is only for WEA Continental Defense subfaction. So it wont be another one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JuanDela_Cruz - - 287 comments

looks like transformers :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rikuo - - 401 comments

WEA is already a good reason to try this mod...
but i can't wait to see USA, my favorite faction...

models, as usual, are sick...
they are awesome to look at...
can't wait to play with these toys...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JurisDocta - - 403 comments

Who are the "rebels"? WLF or someone else?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zeke_Dlyoung Author
Zeke_Dlyoung - - 4,459 comments

Just generic anti government terrorists. Though it's safe to say they could have been in the process of joining the WLF to get their support.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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