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Breaking news: taiidani fleet is testing new generation of Kudaark, Hiigaran Fleet Intelligence is worried. Complete renovation of old hulls with new stuff keeps growing. Is this the time for the new Space-Cold War?..

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It has been a long time since the last time I posted good news here. So let's get back to it again.

Chapter 1. What's done.
Actually, done is not so much, but still we have a progress.
As there were not much people who would like to participate - of course, it's understandable, school, university, the last semetr, sometimes job, also HW2 is 8 years old, and we're not those free-timed boys as it was in 1999... - so I started investigation homeworld2.big myself. Quite interesting process, quite timetaking, but now I'm pretty sure of knowing at least the general purpose guts of HW2. As I got some experience in these things, Eclipse, Notepad++, SVN and other stuff makes my life easier, and the internal release with BloodFleet's HW1 converted models will be ready soon. That's the minor progress.
The major progress is that - yoo-hoo! - we have brilliant model of Kudaark from the famous Dark Sentinel. He gotta make his trademark ). It has one little buggy, but anyway it looks great. You will see it in gallery, tnx to Pouk, our QA ), who made kind of a wallpaper with Kudaark.
If this mod would fell in coma, your chances of controlling this monster are still high: Kudaark will be present in HW@ mod, which is using not only this, but some more DS works...
Chapter 2. What's TBD

Another thing is what's pending.
itspopei still is making repair corvette, its high-poly model is done, as you can see in video section; but since then he's keeping silence. Probably, school and real life - don't even know what smile to put in, sad or merry.
Well, talking about what model should be done, as Pouk has advised, we should separate taiidani ships into groups, depending on how much time you're ready to spend on, as some of them are interconnected:

  • probe
  • proximity sensor
  • Sensor Array & Research Ship
  • salvette
  • repair corvette --itsthepopei;
  • scout
  • interceptor
  • bomber
  • defense fighter
  • light & heavy defenders
  • light corvette
  • heavy corvette, minelayer & multigunner
  • resource collector
  • resource controller
  • gravWell generator
  • cloak generator
  • frigate line - I guess we have the the man) ;
  • destroyers
  • carrier
  • heavy cruiser
  • mothership

Seems to be all.
So, I remind the terms of models: HW2 standard poligon count +/- 10% )); model sizes must very close to the original, feeling the same; another words - we need HW1 ships made for HW2. For this, I've posted original concept art of taiidani in the gallery, that you have this right feeling of them. Also, specially for this I've drawn salvette side view, basing on original scetch. If anyone is fast enough to make this corvette before itspopei gets to it, gets a cookie )) Gets the name in credits and faster HW2TP release day. )
Another thing, that, probably, we could use the sounds from HW1 for taiidani sfx. If it's possible, of course... So if anyone can get them out - it would be just great.
Chapter 3. Multiplayer
Well, here's the question for the multiplayer players: what maps are played most (1x1, 2x2 etc)?
And what small features you'd like to see implemented in, bugs fixed - I mean, without going out of vanilla HW2- ? For example, now turret of dfg frigate works fine: before it was disabled, as the posibillity of attacking wasn't written in.
So, waiting for your comments. ))

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