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Merry Christmas everyone! A new level advancement system and levels highlight this release. This is a special Christmas release, and KB has gotten into the Spirit.

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Game Updates

Kozmic received a little early Christmas Present. Nice hat, eh!

I have removed the Timer from the game. This allows the player to concentrate on collecting all Little Blues and Gems from each level. Level Time is still tracked and Players total times will be tracked online, along with other stats.

Warps have been added to the game, unfortunately no levels are using it yet. Here is a sneak peek at it.

Enemy Seekers now do a better job of avoiding other enemies and walls. In the previous build, they would occasionally drift thru walls. Entertaining, but not what I wanted.

You should also notice that the background has been given another update. You will see nebulas, more shooting stars. I really like the look of this now, and probably wont make any more major changes to it. The background, is carried throughout the entire game experience.

Finally, a major re-write of the Level Advancement system. The Planetary System view was not really working for me. Instead, going with a tried and true Mobile Level Advancement system. I took some time to get the swiping and snapping to work correctly, but the end result is great. And, I now have a modular system to use this on other projects.

Level Editor Updates

The interface for the Editor has received another update. In the previous release the Widgets were using an internal naming system that did not quite work the way I wanted it too. Instead, Widgets (like the Warp) are now given a unique identifier that is easier to work with.

Whats Next

- more levels of course
- achievements
- new graphics for electrified walls
- electro-magnetic fields
- updated door graphics
- updated enemy graphics
- world progression (to go from red world to yellow world)
- updated widget graphics

Till Next Time- sPoCkEr2 -

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