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Every level for the KotOR Port is nearly fully working as of finding out about the global number limit.

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Since finding out that there is a limit on how many global numbers can be stored in a save file I have managed to get all the levels almost fully working, except for some quest items and the Ebon Hawk almost everything else works.

In order to have the music, voice and sound files you will need to copy the contents of the following folders from K1 to the folder of the same name in K2.


Make sure not to replace any files of the same name, in order to gather all of the Voice files from K1 you can search inside the "streamwaves" folder for " "*.* " without the surrounding quote marks, quote, star, full stop, star.

Wait for the search to complete then select all of the files apart from the folders copying them across to "StreamSounds" in K2.

In the future an installer will handle this process.


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