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The hotfix to the bugs you guys have been going crazy over is finally here, hopefully we can all enjoy a good game of KC now without as much frustration factor! :D

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The hotfix to the bugs you guys have been going crazy over is finally here, hopefully we can all enjoy a good game of KC now without as much frustration factor! :)

To get the patch to upgrade Kingdoms Collide BETA v1.0 to v1.1
head here:
EDIT: this is a new link to a patch we are calling v1.1.2, the link used to point to v1.1, if you already got the 1.1 patch please get the 1.1.2 patch and install it over the top.
sorry about all this awkwardness :/


Convict Gaming UK

Convict Gaming US

Here's the changelog:

Kingdoms Collide Beta 1.1 Changelog:

-More spawn points added to all maps
-Buggy parts in maps fixed
-Rounds added to the CP game mode
-3 server variables added:
"mp_roundlimitkc" = Sets the amount of rounds a team must win to win the game (default 2)
"mp_timelimitkc" = Static time limit of how long a map should last in seconds (defualt 3600)
"mp_roundtime" = Time per round in seconds, the value will change depending on in game events (defualt 480)

-holding "z" button and scrolling mouse will increase and decrease camera distance
-Console variable cam_height changes the height of camera
-Name indicators above players head can be turned on and off using "kc_nameindicator 1" in console
-Voice indication HUD element for other players speaking
-Sword hit registration made reliable
-Swords now swing 30% faster
-Balanced sword damages
-Animation overlap on skills fixed
-Defend icon (above CP) and message appears when your team needs to defend a point
-Berserk skill bugs fixed, time it lasts for lowered to 6s
-Weapon point costs added to buy menu
-Dagger assassinate angles and distance reduced slightly
-Dagger normal hit damage increased slightly
-Time to cast leap lowered by 50%
-Ensnare size increased also reduces players speed by 50% so they can move out of its range
-Ice imbue slows player for 3s, instead of freeze on spot
-Teleport shouldnt get the player stuck/caught in map
-Lightning casts 50% faster
-Javelin given the "bow" cam when thrown
-Javelin melee range increased slightly
-Icespike has more AOE and damage when exploded
-Healing self has new animation and heals for 5 less and costs 5 more mana
-Healing allies costs 10 mana and gives healer XP
-Sound plays when any spell fails due to not normal circumstances
-No "cast" animation plays when a spell fails
-All players who help capture a point will be given a frag
-Darkness imbue in correct spot in skills menu
-Gravity on javelin throw lowered
-Players shouldnt be able to get free skill on game start
-HUD indicator when you are speaking
-Fireball damage raised slightly
-Some particle effects toned down
-Totally removed all draw times of all weapons
-All bows lower drawn arrow sequence 50% faster
-Imbue with fire on bows suicide bug fixed
-Refire rate of skills/weapons optimized to suit weapon
-Sword "perfect parry" time player left open to free hit increased
-A server with no players will rotate map faster
-mp_roundtime value increased on important game events so game doesn't end when it gets exciting
-ancient_hall map removed from cycle, too small for >16 player servers

I also want to say thank you to everyone that's been playing and giving feedback, it's really helped us see how to improve the game, keep it up because this is just the beginning, now we can start on adding in a lot of new and substantial content, and with your help, make the game into something much greater!


thanks for the speedy patch!

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Great update! I'll try it out soon.

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Yall need to fix the anims for bows. Like, i got to shoot and the anim takes a while to actually pull up the bow and by the time it does iv already let off of the mouse and tried to pull up the bow again which happens until i wait till all anims stop and then pull the bow and shoot. It is really annoying.

Thnx for fixing the teleport-to-inside-of-the-map bug, I love using teleport but the fall damage and the possibility of getting stuck inside of an object or the map really sucks. BTW, FIX THE FALL DAMAGE FOR TELEPORTING!! I kill myself every now and then from teleporting out of the way and die anyway because i teleported while i was falling and recieved the same damage i would have if i had just fell to the ground normally.

Yall also need to fix a few of the maps where you can walk into objects like rocks and stuff. its really weird. Go to walk ontop of a rock and instead walk into it 0_o

And i wouldent mind having a crosshair of some sort for the bow too. I know its more of a challenge and i dont really mind not having one because it keeps all the n00bs away from using it but a crosshair would be nice, no matter how small.

I think thats about all the ranting i have time for now. But thanks for the speedy patch and all the work yall have done.

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The speed this patch was released shows me that you guys are dedicated to a quality product. Kudos!

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ever since this patch that one map with the castle and the open plain (I forget what it's called) has the last control point in the plain blocked off by an invisible wall. it's a big castle. with stakes in the plain. you know

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Try the newest update should be fixed now.

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The animation is really wrong wrong guys really need a animator hopefully u can get one in here? google Rakion it has a really good movement + gameplay*its really old might be better if it is easy to try and hard to master. its confusing to try and annoying to master probably because of the rack(ing) of a good interface. thing that makes me mad is that archer has infinity ammo but mage has ridiculously limited ammo for it. in fact mage should be a heavy attacker who can bring the tense to the warfare in game but at the same time they have to be easy to be killed. archers should not kill people when they posses the super fast speed they have to have weakness -something like weak of self-defense ability against classes like a assassin or sword-master. in most game they WALK when they aim and cannot jump.. oh did i say that again? whatever i really want mage to be more tactical and powerful than it.

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great to see the mod works now! Just make sure the javelin can be picked up in the future!

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It seems like a lot of the problems I had before are fixed. Only problem left is the jumpy animation. I do hope that gets fixed soon.

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Looking like good changes, might try this out when I can.

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oh thank you jesus

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Is there any chance of adding a FIRST PERSON VIEW or CROSSHAIR
to the bows? (Only when the arrow is drawn, of course).

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