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This is an article about the further development of the mod

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Kekdoom beta released on 11/18/17

The beta version was released almost two weeks ago. You can now download it to play on your gzdoom, sourceport. Also you can download the version with pre-installed gzdoom and freedoom.

What is missing in beta

  • Some sprites are replaced with temporary sprites, they will be customized in the next version
  • Some sounds are missing/have bad volume
  • There might be some errors, but as far as I found out, nothing really gamebreaking
  • The cutscenes are unfinished, some of them are replaced with textscreens
  • The launcher app got cancelled, because I found a way how to make it easy to launch with just a desktoplink
  • Some level enter/exit patches, dialog avatars and credit page


The following compatibility is guaranteed. If you have any problem, please report.

Source ports

  • Gzdoom 2.0.05 (the development port,tested)
  • Gzdoom 3.2.1 (the latest port, tested on windows and linux)
  • Any version in between should work (not tested though)
  • Zandronum 3.0.0(tested on windows)
  • Gzdoom 1.8.6. (theoretically, as it is the one which Zandronum is derived from)

Brutal Doom

This mod is NOT compatible with brutal doom. However, it is fully compatible with Ketchup gore mod version 5. Just download ketchup, and place it to your kekdoom directory. It will be loaded auomatically. The notKetchup.pk3 file serves as the replacement. It is slightly enhanced gore, very close to the default gzdoom gore. It serves mainly as the replacement for ketchup.

Bug reporting and FAQ


Q: Gzdoom says something in the lines of ,,iwad is missing''

A: You didn't install freedoom, and you need either freedoom or original Doom II iwad

Q: Gzdoom says something in the lines of ,,R_opengl driver not accelerated''

A: Try different version of Gzdoom. Just move it to the installation directory. Or, if you have an older Intel HD graphics card and win10, try different OS (win7/linux). Unfortuntelly, Intell are bunch of shitheads and they didn't make win10 drivers properly.

Q:This happens on new game.

A: If you have changed Easy Mode setting to yes, the you just got pranked :)

If not, the sorry my fault, I screwed up some config. Simply turn Easy mode off and do new game again.

Q: Gzdoom says something in the lines of ,,Error in ketchupv5.pk3/decorate.blood.txt line 545: expecting ',' got 'l' "


You are running gzdoom 3.2.1. with ketchupv5, which does not ignore the 'A_FadeOut(0.l)' instead of 'A_FadeOut(0.1)' typo in ketchupv5. This is not my fault, its by the ketchup gore mod developer.

The fix is simple:

  1. Rename the 'ketchupv5.pk3' to '' Protip: if you have total commander 8.52 or later, you may skip this step
  2. Unpack the zip. With totalcmd, just open it like normal folder.
  3. Open DECORATE.BLOOD.txt in text editor like notepad++ or pspad
  4. Press ctrl+F Find: 0.l Replace with: 0.1
  5. Save, repack and rename to 'ketchup.pk3'

Q:I have *insert a weird behavior not mentioned above*

A:Please send in detailed description to Put 'Kekdoom' in the subject so

the e-mail forwards to my personal e-mail.

Development version still up

please follow the instructions in Read commit messages, so you can see if a critical bug was fixed, or only some unfinished spritework was put in. Especially if the message says !NOT WORKING,do not download it.

You can also copy the pk3 and wad files to you current installation, but you will lose your saves.

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