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This is the 4th article about kekdoom mod for doom.

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Map enhancments

I enhanced all the maps. Especially the maps from wolfenstein 3d, because they looked bland. Some textures were changed also static decals were added. The screenshots of the new-looking maps will be uploaded shortly.

Dynamic lighting

I made a simple acs script, that switches between traditional Doom lighting and GZdoom dynamic lighting.The script can be executed from options menu.


Future releases

I will upload a new version on moddb soon. It will be the ,,final version minus bossfight update''

The final boss is broken as hell, also the map04 boss needs nerf. First i need to fix few bugs, including sprites, maps and scripts.

Development version

The latest version, although not put together, is on

How do I get that.

please follow the instructions in Read commit messages, so you can see if a critical bug was fixed, or only some unfinished spritework was put in. Especially if the message says !NOT WORKING,do not download it. Here is an instruction video:

Why I need to get it from Bitbucket?

Bitbucket allows me to update the project with Mercrial, directly from command line.

I use it mainly to backup files, but it was made public for people to get my mod sooner.


Kek! Will try soon :D

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Not enough pussy hats 1/10

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