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This is the first article about my mod for doom II.

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What the hell is KEK DOOM?

KEK DOOM is an unfinished mod for Doom 2 that satirizes internet culture as well as current events.

As of now, it contains 5 maps; 2 Wolf3D maps and 3 custom maps. There may be some maps added in the future. It also contains weapons from Realm667, as well as monsters ; custom and from other sources.

This mod will be compatible with Sergant Mark IV's Ketchup gore mod, but NOT brutal doom.

Wait, isn't it offensive?

This is satirical mod, so it HAS TO be offensive to certain group of people. As of now, the offensive content is mainly from the infamous Moonman mod. However, KEKDoom will be less offensive, taking out all the racial slurs.

The final version will be mildly offensive. If you consider Pepes and nazi anime girls offensive, you should NOT play it.

This mod does not take any political stance, it is centrist at most, the protagonist is just some random marine/mercenary.

TL;DR on scale from 0 (farming simulator) to 10(Grezzo 2) it will be like 1 or 2.

Anyway, if anyone has a problem with this, please message me first.


As of now KEK Doom has the following features>

  • 5 Maps
  • Reloading weapons, secondary fire modes
  • Custom monsters
  • Custom dialog script
  • Monster waves mode
  • 3D floors and Polyobjects
  • Ketchup required

Planned features are:

  • Another maps maybe idk right now
  • more weapons
  • all monsters replaced
  • Full story with cut scenes
  • some 3d models (environment props only, monsters will remain sprites)
  • more memes xdddd
  • A custom launcher, that will make it easier for normies to play
  • Ketchup optional

When is the release date

The First Installment (a fully-functioning version with half of the story) is set to be released on the November 9th 2017. The test pre-release will be avaiable in October, however You will need to ask by an e-mail.

The Second Installment will be the first + second half of the story will be released sometime in 2018 maybe.


add some MoonMan Doom content

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