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Check out Kaze and the Wild Masks monthly devlog, a 2D platformer tailored to reproduce the enjoyable experience of playing classic 90s games from the genre

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Kaze’s Devlog #1


We are making huge progress in Kaze of the Wild Masks, and we thought it would be great if you guys could have some more information about the game, so we’ll start to post some devlogs/announcements here.

If you don't know our game, here is the teaser trailer, this should get you updated:

So, to get things started, we put together a tiny FAQ so you guys can know more about the current state of this project.

How finished is the game?

The game is about 55~60% finished. Most of the mechanics are implemented and working properly. At the moment we are doing a lot of code-refactoring inside of the Kaze scripts so everything plays out smoothly.

Metroidvania? Puzzles? Damage?

The game is a classic platformer like most of those played in the 90s, so it is not a Metroidvania.

There will be no puzzles in the game, you can expect a true platformer experience.

You can get hit 1 or 2 times before Kaze faints. We’ll explain how this is going to work “lorewise” later.

I think those were the questions most of you guys were asking at the moment, but if you have any more feel free to ask and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

And now, the fun part…

Here is what we’ve been working last weeks


We are working on new enemy sprites/animations! What do you guys think of those? Please let us know!

alho poro idle gif

abacaxi encolhe e acorda


Our audio team is always working with enemy sounds and background tracks. Here is a sneak peak of a really cool track we did this week.

Level Design & Programming

Our development team and the level design team are working together on fine-tuning this Tiger Mask level as you can see in this GIF.

In the next Devlog

New Trailer

There will be a new Kaze Trailer showing even more exciting features of our game.


We are working on a pretty cool new Roadmap and we’ll have something to post in the next devlog!

I think that’s it for now. We intend to do this regularly, so stay tuned! Please send us your feedback so we can further improve this devlog with information that you want to know!

You can add Kaze and the Wild Masks to your Steam Wishlist. Here is the Steam Page.


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Until next time!


This looks really good. Reminds me of rayman, somewhat.
The enemy design is pretty slick and consistent(although i would assume a rabbit would like fruits and veggies.)
Especially that dragon fruit hedgehog.

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Acompanho esse jogo há um tempo e nossa, tem tudo pra me fazer voltar a sentir a emoção de jogar um DKC2. Espero muito por esse jogo, tá ficando lindão demais!

Obs: nosso jogo (Rise of Ages) está junto com vocês aí na frontpage do indieDB hehe.

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