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Kane's Wrath Classic now also available at Command Post!

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Totally not a copy paste of this post

Kane's Wrath Classic hit Command Post!

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Just made a quick post to let you know that Kane's Wrath Classic now also available at Command Post =)

What does it mean for the future?
Who knows (don't worry it doesn't mean I'm going to leave Moddb, Nexusmods, and any of the sorts),
It just means that now you have more options to play Kane's Wrath Classic,

So for those of you who don't know what Command Post is:

It's basically a desktop app that was made to managed KW's related stuff for you and acts a lot like how Origin and Steam manages their installed games by give you all of the options available in one place.

So what doe it mean?

Basically the big plus here is that it's gives you more easier time to install Kane's Wrath Classic since as long as you just have the main game installed you can pretty much download all of KW's related stuff (Last official patches, 4GB patch, mods, etc.) in one click of a button instead of do all of that manually and follow some guides, which is an huge plus in my opinion,

Other than that the app allows you to have more easy time saving, viewing, and sharing replays,

And also give you some control on few stuff in KW such as open it in window mode or auto download the next version of the mod for you with easy to set settings.

Thanks for your time and may you have a good day commanders!
Also don't forgot to peek at my current project which is also available at Command Post!

P.S. we opened a discord modding server for anyone who would like to try modding KW
so feel free to come over!


SweetRamona - - 5,114 comments

congrats 😺

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egozi44 Author
egozi44 - - 2,220 comments

Thanks :3

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