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K-9 Vision: Zone Artifacts is a visual overhaul of all artifacts in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat. With update #1, six artifacts have been added while others have been revised. Please see the Latest Screens gallery for further details.

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"K-9 Vision: Zone Artifacts" addresses an oft-overlooked aspect of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modding. Specifically, it is a high-rez modifaction of all artifacts and related particle effects in CoP. If it is a texture relating to an artifact, it has been redone. Please note - this mod does not affect artifact behavior, spawn locations, or stats.

Since the initial mod announcement, six artifacts have been added and finalized. See below for a complete changelog:

1) Artifact "Stone Blood" - texture has been completely redone since the initial announcement. Old screenshots have been replaced with new ones to reflect the changes
2) Added Artifacts - "Moonlight", "Mama's Beads", "Goldfish", "Crystal", "Compass", "Bubble"
3) Particle Effects - a complete overhaul of all textures is now underway (videos may be added at a later time to better show the new effects)

Please see the Image Gallery for further details. Screenshots include close-up versions so you can see the new level of detail for each artifact.

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modsuki - - 317 comments

Oh, you are making new version? :D

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MugsMallone85 Author
MugsMallone85 - - 26 comments

Hello dbmember! :) To answer your question - yes I am! I am also making an update to Far Cry K-9 Vision, but Call of Pripyat takes priority. Have a great day!

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