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Hello people Im back as you can see,and today im bringing you some news related to mod...

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Hello people
Im back as you can see,and today im bringing you some news related to modification
Also some backstory on whats going with our team
Without any redo,lets get started:

1. New Gamemodes

We are including 2 new gamemodes for Betrayal Complex DLC Maps

Siege - in this gamemode you basically play like Vanilla Battlefield 2 Conquest
Mission is to capture control points and maintain the position and overcome the enemy
Maps to feature this gamemode: Airport Complex and China Rising

Insurgency - In this gamemode,you must attack the multiple control points held by the enemy
Attackers will have more tickets,but they will bleed unless gaining more zones on influence
If the tickets run out,you lose.If enemy loses all control points - you win
Maps to feature this gamemode: Airborne and High Tension

2. 5th Map - Coming in V2

One bad part of the upcoming patch is the "pending" of the 5th map chosen by community
Currrently we are giving our best to finish the current maps,and their features
As we really dont have time and work force we had before,we are postponing the release until V2
Although we are removing it,this allowed us to include gamemodes for other maps

3. Missing again

Yes,we still dont have enough workforce and we dont have that much free time
Even if we are missing for some time,we are always working and implementing new ideas to our mod
Currently reworks over voicelines,weapons and maps are in progress
Team are also balanced,so they can fit in the current build of the modification
More updates about this are coming soon

Thats it about this month
Progress is recorded,dont worry everyone
We are working on the project,and release is steadily coming
Thanks for coming by
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Dammit, I still need to redo my lines.

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