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In the past couple of months great progress has been made on the mod. This includes updating the levels & adding in HDR.

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We've made great progress on the mod. Since we showed the trailer, every level in the game has received a facelift. The process went by much smoother and faster than anticipated. All levels received another detail pass, optimization pass, updated models, textures and bug fixes. They are now all ready for scripting. After scripting we can begin with population, item placement and beta testing.

Additionally we have been working on new art for the main menu and upgrading the visuals. We've started to implant and still working on adding in Denton's High Dynamic Range Lighting System. It has been tested and working with both ATI and NVIDIA cards. So far the results, and performance have been great. There are a few bugs still left to crunch with it and some additional optimizations and improvements needed. Hopefully this new addition to the mod will work out and can be finalized. Today's screen shots were taken with it.

In almost every past news post we have mentioned the animations for the game and the large amount needed. This mountain is finally being climbed and will be conquered. The animations are not just for the player, but also for the enemies. Many demons are receiving new pain animations for the upgraded pain reaction implanted in the mod. This system allows for us to have enemies fall to their feet and react better to being attacked.

That's it for this time. If anybody wants to know more about a specific feature of the mod more, post it up and it will be detailed more in our next news post.Cheers!


I'm glad you are working on pain/recoil animations for enemies. Its always frustrating to lay shotgun fire into an enemy and it doesn't react at all to it. This will be a realistic feature.

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