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General development news, three maps, and several screenshots of new unuts.

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Hello people. This is our first update since the release of the second Fall of the Republic minimod, so if any of you missed that, it can be found here. Any issues you have with it can be posted here, and we'll address it as soon as we get a chance. Please make sure you don't repost things that have already been addressed.

ICW Ingame ScreensICW Ingame ScreensICW Ingame ScreensICW Ingame ScreensICW Ingame Screens

Progress on Imperial Civil War is going along fairly well. The Remnant is nearly finished, with the New Republic and other minor factions close behind. All modeling for the release is almost completely finished, with Guardsman currently working on finishing those that still remain. All but one (Daala's) of the main GC scenarios have been at least laid out, with some unit assignments being the only things that remain for them (the next few updates will focus on these GCs).


As you can probably see from the pictures above, the Remnant under Palpatine will have access to some very powerful ships (Sovereign and Eclipse). They're both armed to the teeth and come equipped with a superlaser, not as powerful as the Death Star's, but more than enough to take out any capital ship the New Republic can throw at them. The Eclipse will not be a buildable unit, it will serve as Palpatine's flagship. The Sovereign, on the other hand, is a buildable unit. They can only be built at a few planets, are expensive, and will tie up that planet's production for a while but are more than worth it if you have the cash. We will do our best to ensure that these do not tilt the game too far in the Empire's favour.

Obroa-SkaiObroa-SkaiObroa-SkaiOrd TrasiOrd TrasiOrd Trasi

We're still in need of a rigger, however, since ours has gone MIA. Anyone interested in the position can email me at

That's all for now,
-The Thrawn's Revenge Team


looks more like naboo than coruscant

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.Corey. Author

Naboo is temperate with some smallish cities with very distinct buildings, Coruscant is a single huge city... There's no way that looks like Naboo more than Coruscant.

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thats what im talking about. but i suppose lighting does it. like on this one for example:

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