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Hello everyone! Today we have very exciting news to share from our development team!

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Hello everyone!
Today we have very exciting news to share from our development team!
This month was most productive and release is complete
Lets start with the updates:

1. Betrayal Complex Coming

Betrayal Complex Art

Most important news of this week and month: Betrayal Complex DLC is nearly finished
As our team-members are polishing up the patch for release,finishing the last cuts
Special thanks to our friend *Pro*Player007 and his Fast-BootBF2 utility,the production time speed jumped up to 500% faster,making us more motivated to continue working on this project
Without his tool,this release was targeted for September Release.
Also shout-out to our friends Chris T | Gaming Zone and TheRenegadist for voicelines of latest release!

2. Changes to Mod


So what are the changes for the modification you might ask?
To be short: Project Zombie Strike 2014 now features Human VS Human fights
With that said,this update totally removed "zombie themed" gameplay out the window
Of course,standart maps along with previous DLC will feature Zombies as enemies
Such a refresh might be a good step on breaking the "zombie bandwagon" currently on market
Our team aspires to do more than just a zombie farming modification
If this release is promising,more maps with Complex Operatives will release for Betrayal Complex

3. Version 2 - Future of Project Zombie Strike 2014

Who missed our map:

This is The Skyscraper reveal during Year 2014 stage of development
What is coming in future to Project Zombie Strike? Is something interesting?
In Version 2,Modification will be revised and improved considerably
With so many updates,we couldnt fix many of issues due to time constrains and distractions
In this anniversary of 3 Years of development,modification will suffer great changes
More updates related to this version will come in future updates

As of right now,we are wrapping up the release of 3rd DLC
Are you pumped to fight real enemies in the latest update?
Even some of our developers cant wait to see the final product!
Thanks for coming by
Zombie Strike

SgtNickStoltz - - 391 comments

Sounds awesome and incredibly refreshing! Really anticipating this one, guys.

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Noobkiller2 Author
Noobkiller2 - - 1,141 comments

Thank you :)

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Nice ! If you want new skin for your fighters feel free to ask me. :)

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