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A look at how July Progress manifested, and a farewell to many partners.

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Hello everyone, welcome to another development diary for The Shadow of the Ramlord. I am afraid to say that while I have a few new screenshots to share with you, I can't rightfully say that there is anything intensely meaningful to share. This update will adopt the ponderous, reflective tone of the prior and share more about the conceptualization of this custom story, and news about our development pipeline, more than it will hype up new content or share exciting details.

The Last 30

The last few months have been rocky for us. A lot of early momentum was lost due to conflicting time scheduling, a sudden loss of key members, and a restructuring pass of the mod due to the drop in members. This all deemed itself too slow paced, heavily burdened and annoying. Honestly, also depressing -- many of us that were riding winds of progress when we hit the ceiling.

Due to this, most of the team is now gone. My voice acting crew, as professional and uplifting as they are, have stayed on board to brilliantly interpret the characters, and I am in the process of bringing a few old members back into the fold to help this custom story through to it's proper release.

However, for any developers of custom stories out there, you'll know that wearing so many hats can be a struggle. It is because of that, that I would like to quickly and publicly acknowledge how helpful Spelos, from the Amnesia community, has been from start to finish. He departed the project this month, but his framework of brilliant code foundations, quick and precise time frames and unique avenues of approaching both a custom story, and a script function, was inspiring. A salute remains, and hopefully the Ramlord's shadow will cast itself forgiving upon him.

The Next 30

We're working with a fully conceptualized modification now. The voice acting script has been drafted from start to end, the synopsis is intact and interlinks with the levels in a unique way through heavy documentation. For everyone remaining, the process is laid out and tracked in a way that is much easier to follow than months passed. Now we just need to visualize the narrative through the level design vision, carry that through on a programming/gameplay design backend, and polish the framework in post production. Easier said than done, but an end is in sight and the way to get there is lit.

Needless to say, we're looking for help. If you want to hop on to our discord or shoot me an email, I have the options below. It's been a rocky journey that is far from over, but if a story-first, atmospherically driven narrative sounds good to you, there's always room for more among us that remain.


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