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After more than a year in development Joompy has received a new update completely changing the game.

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Joompy 3.0 is finally here, it took over a year in development (of course I was working on other projects, but still.) This update completely overhauls the entire game, here is a list of additions.



-New levels

-Interactive tutorial

-New weapons

-Lightmap optimization

-Multiple bossfights

-Multiple endings

-More music

-Singleplayer and LAN Co-op campaign

-More eastereggs

-Uncut and Release versions instead of just an uncut version

-Visleaf optimization

-Improved lighting

-Quake inspired jump sound

-Enemy retextures

-Weapon sound replacements

-New maps

Cut or deprecated features include

-Anti-Piracy system that prevents users from sending others malformed versions of the game

What remains: Maps and audio

-Playermodel selector

What remains: Nothing

-Simple level creator as a reward for finishing the game

What remains: Nothing

Special thanks to GooseToes for creating a majority of the soundtrack and to the community.

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