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The next version of One Vision is almost completed and all we need is more fine tuning and beta testers to make the next release as perfect as possible.

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Join the Brotherhood - Become a beta tester!

Kane Eye 1
Greetings Commanders, today starts the open beta of One Vision 0.9!

Click here to become a beta tester

Staying true to the One Vision design philosophy, we try to achieve the best experience for the game with as much playstyle diversity and options as possible. Which is why this is open beta is happening.

The next version is in its final phases of development but still requires much more polishing. A lot of effort already went into playtesting the mod but we need a bigger playerbase to properly test the new version before its release.
Therefore, I welcome everybody with a sincere interest to improve the mod to join us in multiplayer testing.

More Information

Primarily we play team based and FFA games, but also play AI matches and art of defense maps as well. Naturally, I (Zocker4ever) will also be present. And don't be afraid to join, every player regardless of level his level of skill is welcome.

Our forum on Thundermods will serve as a central hub, where we share replays, find people to play, discuss balance or just bring in new ideas. Everything you need to know about how to apply is found here:

One Vision 0.9 Prospects

Version 0.9 will primarily resolve around balancing the game and making the matchups more even. Moreover, all ZOCOM buildings and units as well as all Black Hand units will be retextured for their own faction-unique style.

But this is not all, new content is also present and primarily resolves around new late-game units such as faction unique T4 units.

Below, you find a sneak-peak of the Marked of Kane's unique T4 unit, the Basilisk Cruiser:

Basilisk Screenshot

That being said, I hope to see you all online very soon and I am confident that together we can make the best possible version of One Vision.

But as always, stay tuned!


One Vision - One Purpose,Brothers!
Btw,have you noticed my PM,where I've shown you all of a bugs I found?:P

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Valherran Online

You can send me a link to the beta download and I will check it out for you.

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I'ts dont too late? Can I join?

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your opener: (playstyle diversity and options) describes best what this mod does to this game,and make even non real c&c3; players like myself wanna play this game! maybe the best mod for c&c3; as a whole!
keen on checking the update out
i salute you

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when comes this mod out?

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