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a long over due update. sorry for not paying that much attention to the groupe latley. the article will go more in deapth as usual.

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Hello members!
Its been a while since I last posted an article and I think its about time I do so. I obviously haven't been doing much with the group lately and for that I apologize. I've been busy with work, school and a mod that I'm working on. The Star Wars Clone Wars Sub-mod has been occupying most of my time and with the help of the Star Wars-Clone Wars mod team, it is shaping up to be a good mod. Its based on the 2003-2004 miniseries and will eventually feature a campaign, making it one of few Empire at War Forces of Corruption mods to have a campaign. So if you're interested don't be afraid to head on over to the page and check it out.

Enough about the mod, lets talk canon. Besides the Boss Leyonie versus Boss Nass issue, Season IV has not really made any dramatic continuity errors. Now, the controversy regarding the resurrection of Darth Maul is a bit of a touchy subject. Seeing that the idea is from Mr. Lucas himself, that makes it totally 100 percent canon. When I first heard the news I was very upset, it came across as poor story writing, and just the worst idea anyone in the history of the universe had ever concieved.Then I thought about it more and I have come to the conclusion that perhaps it wouldn't so bad. If they make his appearance brief and actually kill him before the series ends, they may be able to make it work. Yes, the fact that he survived alone is an unlikely prospect but previous uncanon writings, like Old Wounds a comic that was featured in the Star Wars: Visionaries series, have brought back Maul without distorting other aspects of continuity. Either way, it will be interesting to see Maul again and even if they do horribly mess up continuity in the process of resurrecting him, that's no reason to not enjoy seeing maul cut through lines of clone troopers like a hot knife through butter.

also befor i forget:
to whomever posted the image of Rex's phase 2 helmet, after this artcle gets authorized, i am removing the image of Rex's helmet. it has nothing to do with continuity and does not acuratly reflect the intentions of this groupe.

thank you

Ozzy667 - - 2,303 comments

As I have said before my only annoyance with the Maul resurrection thing is that GL and Lucas Arts in general seem to have this bad habit of originally planning to kill a character but either resurrecting them with an explanation or just canceling the characters death because they are the character is too interesting to kill off. Its not unbelievable but it is kinda annoying. Let the fans have some tragedy of the loss of a good character too. This happened first with Boba Fett, the emperor and recently happened with Eath Koth, Captain Mar Tuuk, and then of course the many characters they made clones of like star killer. Darth Maul was bad *** but I don't want him to have survived. It kinda ruins the final duel and his defeat by Obi Wan in Ep 1

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

I might suggest proof reading this article (including the title of the article).

Secondly, Maul was already considered possible ressurected in Visionaries (there was apparently a reference to Maul in another comic book not long after), and dying on Tatooine in another fight with Obi-wan. However, their bringing him back now is... unneeded at best. I'd rather see Cad Bane torture Ahsoka into joining the darkside, frankly.

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Nova_Stihl - - 501 comments

this. darth maul is cool and all, but once its dead, its dead. even the comics or whatever it was that ressuructed him shouldnt have neccessarily done so. but now they are going ahead and messing that up it would seem, which just isnt right (in my opinion).

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