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I have returned, there's a long story behind my laptop failure, but that's not why I'm here.

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Well after a week of constant issues with my laptop, it finally is working again, the issue? Nothing. It just seems to act up occasionally and will not work for an entire day, then the next it works fine.
Sony refuse to look at it because they have strange system where the problem must exceed a 1-10 scale or something?

Anyways, I'll not rant about that, I'm here to talk about the game, and where we stand.
Currently there is only me and GeneralBert working on the game, DTJ lends us a hand when we need and has done a lot of concept art and work for us over the past few weeks too, however while trying to create a game like this with a team of 3 people, along with the fact we all have about 7 weeks left of college to get the grades we need for our Uni courses, time is becoming difficult to get work done.
We've got some work done, I've created an entire menu screen which is almost finished to the standard I like, however work on the game itself is going very slow.

Because none of us currently have any good 3D modelling skill, we've decided to ask for a helping hand from you, our community.
We're not asking for super high quality models that put the CryEngine to shame (but if you can do that, we won't complain!), we're asking, if you have some models you've made, which you wouldn't mind us using in the game, or you're able to create anything for us, please email me on or send us a message on here! (We'd prefer the email though :))
Please remember you'd be donating the models to us, as we can't afford the cost of paying for such models, however if you do donate models to us, we will make sure you get given credit and early access to any builds of the game which are deemed acceptable for testing!
Also, if you're able to texture to a reasonable standard and know how to create normal, specular and bump maps for use in Unity we'd appreciate if you could donate some help to us!

As always, we will push forward with making the game, regardless of where we stand with models and textures, however any help we receive is greatly appreciated, if GeneralBert hadn't already sold his soul 3 times, we'd offer a share to each one of you for the help.

I'll try to get some pictures of the menu screen up soon! :D

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uuu i have 3D Modeling skills but not that i could make enough good ones (no UV mapping or bump mapping experience/knowledge)

Maybe i should try, its been a while since i opened modeler

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MrFoxx Author

Currently, we are happy with any modelling, even if it is just simple models which we can use as scenery!

Don't worry too much about UV mapping etc, we can handle those and we'll willingly spend some time to explain how it's done to you :)

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