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Illusions of the Dead 2 - Development Article #1 - January/February 2018

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IotD2 Development Article #1 - January/February 2018

Hello everyone,

What you are reading right now is the first development update of Illusions of the Dead 2. Every time a new month is about to start a development update article will be uploaded to this ModDB page.

With that development update I will post information about the development of Illusions of the Dead 2. I will be talking about what I did the last month, what went wrong, what went right, future plans of the custom story, etc etc. I will also be adding pictures for you to enjoy :)

So now that the introduction is out of the way, let's get started with the update of this month. Illusions of the Dead 2 is in development for 2 months now (started 3rd of January 2018). The first month was mainly just making up a story, getting all AMFP assets (entities/static objects) to work, getting the right programs for developing (Audacity for audio, Blender for models etc.).

In that month I have also created an intro sequence and I started working on the 3 main area's the player will be visiting. The those 3 main area's will divided in 3 large maps each. In total there will be 9 maps for the first chapter of the two chapters. (11 maps if you include the intro map and the main hub level).

Of those 11 maps I already started working on 7 of them this month. I'm not saying all of those 7 maps are completely done, no, they need more detail, better lighting and more atmospheric sound added to them, but the structure is there and almost all puzzles have been created.

Next development update I will (probably) be telling more about the story. For those interested, on average I have about 1.5/2.5 hours a day to work on the custom story. So development is going slow, but it's getting there.

Stay tuned until next month,

- TimProzz

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